Teach English in ZhAngji Zhen - Jingmen Shi

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Education is one of the most important and complex process of all humans achievements ,especially the early childhood education.It requires good attention and hardwork.Learning language is one part of those big achievements ,once the language is given as a second language for young learners,therefore teaching English as a second language in the primary institutions like kindergartens is a great challenge itself as for the students so for the teachers.Building relationship with the children in second language without utilizing their mother tongue demands great work.Teaching kids in the kindergarten must be motivating .Teachers working with the children must consider their ability,because they are surely different from each other due to their ability and progress.One is slow and another is fast,therefore the classes should be motivated to more activities in order to build confidence in them.Furthermore in this essay I am going to talk about important aspect teachers need to enfold when teaching EFL in the kindergarten.I will specifically refer to the advantage of using firstly games and songs and many other activities to grab the students attention to bring the desire in them to learn the language.These ideas basis from my 10 years of teaching EFL in the international kindergartens in China.What I have observed through these years among the Chinese kids that the most and vital thing before approaching the classes you have to be aware of the culture and traditions of the children,the people in general.To bring a simple example of greeting children in china it is not acceptable to kiss ,pinch or hug the kids whereas in my country is quite normal .So teachers should be very attentive even to small things not to insult or hurt a child.Once a teacher is given a comfortable atmosphere to the kids ,she or he has to focus than on teaching the language ,trying to approach kids by bringing games ,songs and different visual aids for kids using body language to learn fast and much effective .To consider it is still quite challenge for teachers to bring the second language into the class where the kids are still hard in their mother tongue ,therefore teachers should have huge impact on children’s learning by providing and encouraging a supportive environment ,that means we should get the kids get the language ,learn and enjoy at the same time.So if children are interested and involved in what they are doing not just because they have to but because they simply enjoy it,hereby chances are greater to obtain the language .In conclusion I want to add that as an English teacher working in China I have gained much more experience and faced lots of challenges, at the same time learned the culture and tradition of that people.Nevertheless ,being a teacher and moreover being an esl teacher is not easy task,once just have to be very patient ,active,sociable and experienced.The rewards of teaching are pieceless ,once we began to see our children achievement,bringing them closer to their goals cause we are not only the children English teachers but also their first educator,who would lead them to the first step of their future life ,which is mostly depends on what knowledge they gained in the kindergarten ,therefore this small and cute place would always remain in each kids mind as a special gift given by life.