Teach English in Antun Zhen - Jinzhou Shi

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Unit 12 gives understanding of productive skills such as speaking and writing and shows ways how to teach them. Even writing and speaking are complitely different, both of them are using for communication so it is important to teach students to write accurately and talk fluently. In this Unit the differences between accuracy and fluency activities are discovered andthe  idea that accuracy and fluency carry out the same importance is pointed out. The unit also reflects speaking activities in the class such as controlled activities( accuracy based), guided activities (still accuracy based but language contest is not controlled by the teacher) and creative communication activities ( the idea is given by teacher and language output by students). It is stated how important is to engage students to speak in the class and techniques to encourage interaction are discussed. Also we can find in this unit sample of typical creative speaking activity lesson to get the idea how it can look like. Unit 12also gives understanding of writing skills aspects such as handwriting, spelling, layout and punctuation, creative writing. There is a sample of typical creative writing activity lesson for teachers. This Unit also discovers the importance of using games in the classroom and gives links to the most popular games.