Teach English in Jinzhou Shi

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Teach English in Banlamen Zhen, Jinzhou Shi
This was a very exciting unit for me to take part in because I am already employed as an English Composition instructor and I often have several ESL students in my class
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Teach English in Fangshan Zhen, Jinzhou Shi
Production skills are equally as important as receptive skills so understanding what they are, the difference between the two, and how to effectively use and teach production skills is important
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Teach English in Jiangtun Zhen, Jinzhou Shi
I thought the focus on the difference between accuracy and fluency in this lesson was very interesting and very important! I know many people studying English as a second language and the difference between these concepts isn't always understood by students
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Teach English in Lijia Zhen, Jinzhou Shi
This unit talks about teaching productive skills and what tools teachers can utilize to best teach these skills as well what obstacles and challenges there can be
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