Teach English in Hujia Zhen - Jinzhou Shi

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People communicate in order to communicate a purpose, to say something, to listen to something, or because they are interested. Accuracy activities are concentrated on producing correct language and ensure the students understand while fluency activities are concentrated on increasing creativity with language as well as the flow of communication. Students may choose not to speak because they may lack confidence, have a fear of making mistakes, have peer intimidation, lack interest in the topic, have previously learned experience, or for cultural reasons. Techniques to encourage interaction of students include pair work, group work, careful planning, lots of controlled and guided practice before moving on to fluency activities, making speaking activities purposeful, changing the classroom dynamics, and allowing more time for students to think before speaking. Writing should have various styles of punctuation and writing presented to the students as well as increased time for students to respond. Creative writing should be encouraged by students because it increases motivation, increases interests, increases pride and encourages students.