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Firstly, what is classroom management? Let's start up with a little introduction, explanations and strategies. Classroom management creates a set of expectations used in an organised classroom environment. It includes routines, rules and consequences. Effective classroom management leads the way for the teacher to engage the students in learning. Effective classroom management means implementing strategies that create a safe, fair and rule-based learning environment for children to flourish in and learn from. Prompting and assisting students to understand the procedures and expectations of the teacher and classroom through positive reinforcement, high expectations and discipline instills independence and enhances students growth. Well of course as a teacher we all have different goals, structure and preparedness. Teachers provide structure, planning curriculum and extension activities and exhibiting preparedness. Classroom structure is maintained through rule-based procedures such as morning routines that focus kids on an academic tasks when first entertaining the classroom, centre routines that promote moving from one center to the next when cued, getting books out at the beginning of each class and packing bags before dismissal. There are also a system of rule-based environment that represents a setting where learning occurs. A system of rules and consequences that define and promote tolerance of classmates and teachers through respect and high standards for individual and group behaviour results in a safe learning environment that students feel comfortable entering and participating within. Rules should be implemented to exhibit positive discipline including specifics such as, sharing materials, taking turns, raising hands, using respectful languages, and completing class work and homework within designated time limits. Reviewing the rules daily and referencing them to showcase or reward students who are disobeying with a warning, reprimand or consequence leads to consistency and establishes the teacher as the authority figure of the classroom. Also, in a classroom there is student academic achievement. Student academic achievement is an objective of classroom management. Teachers create student achievement through up holding high expectations by alerting students to the quality of behaviour and work that is accepted within the classroom and or school. For example, encouragement, positive peer presure, adherence to rules and modelling. And also there are a few effective and differentiated instructions. Classroom management achieves the goal of teachers catering to the individual student by providing different types of modalities for kids to gain and apply knowledge, Classrooms that engage students in learning and following procedures offer more opportunities for teachers to implement effective instructions through experiential learning activities and differentiated instructions to students on an one-on one basis or in a small groups. An educator can entrust a well-managed class to follow procedure and directions while attending to vary student needs and ability levels. These are the few rules and objectives and classroom management. And we will all agree in one thing, that classroom management are for students to gain behavioural, social and academic success in a structured environment that caters to tolerance. And also that includes teachers presentation and preparation in a class to have students attentions and interest in the class.