Teach English in BAnjing Zhen - Nantong Shi

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There are many reasons that people decide to take the TEFL course. Personally, I decided to enroll and complete the TEFL course because it will help me accomplish my professional goals, one of which is to teach in Korea. My life goal has always been the same, helping others. However, how I would help others has always been changing and growing. First, I wanted to be a doctor, then maybe an entertainer, being a veterinarian had also crossed my mind, soon after, an animal scientist, or a zoologist. Then, after caring for my siblings for many years and teaching Sunday school for three years, I realized that teaching young people is my passion. Teaching children, helping them grow to be the best people they can be, would be the ultimate accomplishment. I have seen my now 10-year-old brother, with special needs, begin his journey in elementary school and I think back to when I was his age. My teachers at that age were incredible and unforgettable. They were the ones who I could hide behind when I was frightened, the people I could trust the most. I want to be just like my elementary school teachers, the ones that I now think back to when I am struggling. I always wanted to travel after graduating from college. I would like to teach school-aged students from around the world, or on American military bases around the world teaching Military dependents. This would be an absolute honor for me. Then, I would love to settle in a small community to continue my work as a teacher. I want to be the kind, loud, frizzy-haired, scatterbrained, English teacher that students never forget; the one they find years later to ask for advice. My goal changed slightly from wanting to teach elementary children to wanting to teach high school, to not being very particular about the age group that I will teach as long as I can shape future generations. High school helped me grow as a person and student. I was introduced to new teachers, friends, and subjects. I visited South Korea during my senior year and fell in love with the beautiful land and its people. South Korea has an impressive education system. Since then, I have hoped to one day gain the opportunity to work in the South Korean public school system. In doing this I believe I can learn their methods alongside using newly learned TEFL skills to teach children in order to use those methods throughout my career. South Korea has many great students and teachers. If I were to have the opportunity to work with them, I believe I could be a better teacher. I have learned how to read and speak very basic Korean. I took it upon myself to learn as much as I can about South Korea as well as other cultures I previously knew nothing about. It is my dream to be able to help young people who will be part of our society for generations. Young people are the leaders of tomorrow. If I can influence them and help them learn new things, I will have been successful in my life. During my undergraduate experience, I had the opportunity to travel to Spain. Traveling abroad to South Korea and to Spain, gave me a positive experience that has helped me mature and become a better person. I had the opportunity to live among other cultures. I feel this has also helped me be better prepared to be a good guide to young people; young people who perhaps have not yet been able to travel and still do not know other ways of living. I feel now that I can better appreciate and understand as a lot about the world in which I exist. I recognize that there is still much to learn. Traveling to Spain and to Korea also helped me to create new memories. Living in other places other than my native country of the United States gave me a new perspective on the society of the world, which I feel will help me in my life mission of teaching young people. Traveling abroad also gave me the opportunity to recognize the fact that we all do and learn things differently. In my opinion, students deserve to be taught by someone who has seen and known a lot about the world; someone who understands that there are many ways to live. Students deserve a teacher that will show them the beauty of the many cultures that exist in our world. This will not only help me treat my students with great patience and understanding, but I will also help them the importance of learning and understanding other individuals and their cultures. I feel that the TEFL course has definitely helped me to be on my way to accomplish my goals and fulfill my professional dreams.