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Parents are often said to be the first educators of their child. Learning does not begin in school, learning begins at home. From the very first day a child is born he or she is being taught. From birth to toddlers, and so on, the parents are there every step of the way teaching their child many actions such as how to walk, talk or clap. However, typically at the age of three years old In most countries, parents usually embark on the path of sending their children to school. Attending school is where children will receive formal education, in preparation for the many adventures and paths that they’ll embark on. In the inception, attending school for the first time is usually very emotional for both parents and children. At this very young age the child will not understand what is going on, hence the parents will play a very important role in helping the child to adjust to school life. Encouraging the child to attend school is another role of many parents worldwide. Parents play a very vital role in both formal and informal education. Morals, norms and values are indirectly taught in the home by parents, educating their child on how to operate in varying environments and situations. When a child begins formal education, the parents have vital roles in ensuring the child not only goes to school but also prepares and study for school at home. It is the job of the parents to ensure assignments and homework are done on time, parents act as a guide for their child, especially in the early stages. It is said that the parents behavior towards school will be reflected on the child, hence an enthusiastic behavior from parents improves performance and confidence of children towards their education. A parent’s encouragement is like no other, for most children their parents are their role models, therefore, the higher the involvement of parents in their child’s education, the more the child will gravitate towards embarking and continuing on the most beneficial path. A combined effort of both parents and teachers will show positive results in the child. As parents, it is their role to ensure that their child has proper utensils needed to complete their daily tasks at school. It is also very important for parents to always monitor and support their child, no two children are the same, therefore, it’s the job of the parents to identify their child’s strengths and weaknesses, aiding them where improvement is needed and continuing to encourage and congratulate them in areas in where they excel. It is the parents role to not only be concerned with what the child learns at home but also lobbying with teachers to ensure their child is progressing and learning at school. Providing a safe, comfortable and happy home is also a vital role of parents in education. By having a stable home the child will be able to concentrate on school and put out their optimal performance. By providing this, a child will be more focused on school rather than being influenced by external distractions. Another important role is financing a child’s education. Not all countries offer free education, therefore, it is the job of the parents to fund their child’s schooling cost in order to get them the best possible education and learning productivity. In conclusion, The key to success and a bright future begins with the right education and while there are many key persons and elements that will impact this throughout a child’s school life, the role of the parents definitely carries the most significant weight.