Teach English in ChangjiAng Zhen - Nantong Shi

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Classroom management This topic gives an overview of the skill of managing and organizing a class. Whatever type the teacher is , beeing more or less extrovert, his manner and attitude should stay friendly and of course maintaining discipline. The classroom atmosphere is important for both teacher and student to learn effectively and to feel comfortable. So what can be done to achieve a high learning quality , having good students result ,a good rapport and feeling content as a teacher? First of all the teacher , beeing polite and friendly to all, is the authority , who gives instructions , surveys the students and teaches in an effective way. Therefore he has to present himself in the class selfconsiously , with a clear voice , using eye contact and the attention of all students. The voice can change naturally to the circumstances to maintain the attention. Natural gestures are welcome to reduce the teacher’s speaking time and also to build up rituals. Being familiar with the students needs ( i.e. level, age , specific problems) and calling them by their names will help the teaching situation. An approbiate language according to the students needs with visual aids will also increase and maintain the attention. The teacher gives clear and simple instructions. It is a good idea to demonstrate activities . A good lesson planning is important to avoid any problems, that can be foreseen. Using the board as a visual way of explaining and of course to practise their reading skills is necessary. Depending what kind of „board“ you have ( black board or interactive board) , the teacher can plan ahead and with colours and well arranged it is very valuable and part of teaching. Also the rapport between students and teacher plays a great role. The teacher’s time to establish a rapport can make a class enjoyable and successful. Warmers and ice breaking activities and showing individual interest to each student have a positive effect on the learning. The classroom arrangement is another possilibility to increase the positive learning effect. Of course it is important to regard the age, nationality and students personality as well the space available. Also the teacher’s position is sensitive and should vary, depending on the activities. For learning reasons and for the rapport the teacher can group students in many ways. Limits may be class size and furniture. Circles, separate tables or rows are some examples. Pairwork or groupwork, putting stronger and weaker students together are all possible arrangements, depending on what to achieve. Nevertheless discipline problems can arise . The maintainance of the discipline is also depending on some factors the teacher should keep in mind ( i.e. class size, motivation and age of students). The teacher can prevent some problem behaviour by beeing prepared and consistent and show respect. But it is important to respond to problem behavoiour immediately, analysing the situation to know what kind of problem it is. So the teacher has a very interesting responsible task , teaching English in a classroom . Beeing aware of his role, beeing prepared and motivated it is a challenge and can hopefully be a great job with motivated successful students.