Teach English in Dayu Zhen - Nantong Shi

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One to one lessons can be beneficial in many ways. During these lessons our students get individual attention and can produce amazing results which are achieved through personalized approach. There are many techniques and strategies that we can use to make these lessons even more successful and productive. In the first place, it is important to build rapport with our student. Secondly, we should use plenty of realia during our one to one lessons. Furthermore, it is essential to incorporate various, fun interactive activities in our lessons. And, finally, our students can profit a lot from making presentations during one to on lessons. First of all, just like any other lessons, one to one lessons should begin by building rapport with our student. At this stage, it is essential to get as much information about our student as possible. This can be his or her needs, interests and hobbies, aspirations, background and past learning experience. All this information will allow us to understand our student’s expectations and design a productive and dynamic instruction accordingly. One of the ways to learn more about our student’s background is to conduct a need’s analysis. This can be done verbally, or in a form of a test. The information received this way can be also very useful in planning our one to one lessons. Secondly, it is a great idea to use realia during one to one classes. Such authentic objects as puppets, maps, coins, TV shows, and brochures can be used for this purpose. These tangible objects will allow our students to acquire visual and tactile experience, as well as to get the idea of how the target language is used in the country where it is spoken. Realia , this way, has a demonstrational, hands –on purpose for our student. Furthermore, to make our one to one lessons more rewarding and valuable, we can use fun, interactive activities with our student. Nowadays, there are many sources full of ideas and approaches to interactive teaching. In our case, we can use demonstrations and exercises, as well as visuals, audio and video. The use of multimedia in this case is very advantageous. It promotes our students talking on what they heard or watched. It is important to be creative in making interactive lessons, keeping them fun dynamic and diverse. Finally, we can’t underestimate the importance of presentations in our one to one lessons. Presentations are an important aspect of learning that helps our students to work on all the four skills (listening, speaking reading, and writing). The advantage of our one to one lessons is that a student has the opportunity to work on his presentation in a relaxed environment and get the necessary feedback from the teacher. A presentation should, preferably, be based on a topic that interests our student. This way the learner is encouraged and motivated to produce better results. Teaching one to one can be challenging at times, but with the knowledge of certain techniques and strategies I’m sure it will become a rewarding and a fun learning process for both the student and the teacher. Among the most essential ones are the following: building rapport with our student, the use of realia and interactive activities, as well as the use of presentations. By incorporating these simple, but effective strategies to our one to one classes, I’m sure we are going to make our lessons effective and productive.