Teach English in Donghai Zhen - Nantong Shi

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Language is primarily considered as a means of communicating each other. However, it creates friendships, economic relationships and cultural ties. Languages develop ourselves, our minds and our personalities in human society. According to linguists, there is no language better than a language. Nevertheless, English has been an international language of every existing field such as communication, education, business, science, information technology and so on. Actually, it is widely spoken all over the world. As the research said, there are approximately 1 or 1.6 billion people who can speak and understand English apart from its native speakers. If you can use English properly, it has lots of benefits in travel, work or study in most of the countries in the world. Moreover, today’s world is considered as an ‘Age of Education’. In this education world, everyone who is pursuing knowledge can be able to cope with most future challenges. So, adequate knowledge and skills are essential to face those challenges. If that so, which way is the most suitable and understandable for us and for the entire people of the world to get knowledge and skills? Where and how do we learn new information to improve our standard of living? Where and how do we learn new information to improve our standard of living? There is nothing to compare that English is globally important to access almost everything in educational world. Apart from English, there is no language that does not let people know well about the world. Learning English language, the learners are likely to come across all skills in the use of everyday English, and are able to connect with others throughout the internet. With a rapid growth of information technology, English leads users of internet and guides us to the magical world. A person who keeps in touch with English may be less problematic to cultivate his interest and make his life grow. Since I was a child, I have been very interested in English. Therefore, I have studied it very hard and also read it as possible as I can. Then I have had a lot of conversations with tourists from different countries. Gradually, we have built our friendships by sharing feeling, thoughts and knowledge as well. and then I can increase my social networks with various nationalities. That’s why, I agree that English becomes extremely prominent in the fields of all affairs to indicate the attempts of my life. Moreover, I am getting to realize that English as a successive language and which is needed to know about the effectiveness of methods. When I have been learning English, I have normally focused on grammar and correct pronunciation. I have also studied various formation of sentence structures, idioms, phrasal verbs and parts of speech, etc. Whenever English is spoken, we should understand every correct sound of every word very clearly. Moreover, we should learn the fundamental pronunciation of words known as the inflections, stresses, tones and intonations that is needed. Actually, I learned English language to communicate with other people as well as to share our culture, traditions and many others. Personally, I think different ethnics, religions, traditions and cultures fundamentally depend on the use of common language which can shape better social world. In addition, the power of English language skill can be the most effective in having conversations, researches, experiments, scientific technologies and information technology as well. Consequently, English becomes a compulsory subject or language that is introduced even at early age nowadays. Moreover, we cannot deny that English is spoken globally next to Mandarin Chinese. As it can expand the relationship among the countries around the world, it eventually becomes a language of trade, too. So, we need to learn English as the world communication which is resulting and involving of entire people of the world. In my opinion, it should be recognized that he who cannot speak or understand English may lose many profitable opportunities. In current days , there are some more reasons why English language becomes a crucial factor for social and political knowledge. Firstly, most countries use it for their governess. Secondly, the most recent and the most sophisticated discoveries and inventions are being made in the universities located in the United States of America where there are English native speakers. Eventually, those who have good common of English language are highly respected and can grasp high ranking job opportunities in the world. In short, most of the educational resources, materials, books are written in English as well as the requirement of English language skills are tremendously increasing in global education system because a sound knowledge of English can also shape an individual to be a successful person in modern world. Due to the points mentioned above, English is vitally important and more people should be exposed to the English language.