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Classroom management can be defined as the skills or methods used by the teacher to bring successful learning.It is equally the procedures and arrangements necessary to establish and maintain an environment condusive for effective teaching and learning.It involves the management of time,space,classroom facilities or equipment,the use of other areas of the school, the directing of whole-class activities,small groups and individual activities.Generally,the teacher has his/her own role to play in classroom management just like the students even though all is done under the supervision of the teacher.This presentation therefore seeks to illustrate how the teacher can ensure effective classroom management. Generally, two good approaches can help a teacher ensures effective classroom management.They are;teacher's authority in class and using of good teaching methods.The authority of the teacher is a very important aspect of classroom management.This is to say if the teacher cannot impose his/her authority on the students,then there will be a problem in classroom management.There are four things that gives a teacher his/her authority over the students to ensure effective classroom management.His/her dressing, his/her mastery of the subject matter,his/her voice in class and his/her behaviour towards students in class and how far he/she knows his/her students. A teacher must dress well in class. Female teachers should not put on revealing dresses to class. A teacher's dress must be neat to bring out the personality in him. Once this is done, the students in class will respect the teacher and the consequence will be good classroom management on the part of the teacher. Equally, a teacher must have a good mastery of the subject matter he/she is teaching. Once this mastery is there, the students will know because students evalate their teachers as they teach. Consequently, if you are evaluated as knowledgeable in your subject area, the students will be bound to pay attention in your class. If the students finds you wanting in your subject area, they will be found to disturb in class since they will believe that they have nothing to gain from you. In this situation, classroom management becomes very difficult. Consequently a good teacher must not only have a good mastery of the subject area but must also prepare his/her lesson well before moving to class. Furthermore, a teacher while in class must have a good voice, loud enough for every student to follow. Once the teacher's voice is too low, it will discourage some students and cause them to disturb in class. In this situation, classroom management becomes very difficult. But if the teacher can catch the attention of the students with his/her voice, then it will be easy for him/her to ensure classroom management. Equally, a teacher must be able to know his/her student well and be able to attend to their problems. He/she should be able to call his/her students by name while in class. He/she must advice students in class and responds positively to their problems. If a child asks or answers a question poorly, that student must not be insulted or corrected in a challenging manner. instead, the teacher should use professionalism in establishing a correct answer to the question without killing the the spirit of the student who answered wrongly. Also the teacher must always come to class on time. Late coming will make the students lose respect for the teacher. If possible, the teacher can endeavor to know the parents of the students. Once all of these are done, the teacher will be able to ensure effective classroom management. The usage of good teaching methods can also ensure classroom management. A good teaching method may include the use of visual aids and good questioning . Visual aids are very important in teaching. Visual aids may include diagrams, maps, charts, photographs, films, drawings, pictures and others. It is also important to make sure that what the students are examining is worth their attention and that the student see what the teacher considers significant in the teaching aid. When all this is correctly done, the teacher is sure to catch the attention of the student hence effective classroom management can be assured. Another very important method to ensure effective classroom management is the use of questions, well framed questions. Poor question framing can keep the students wondering what is expected of them from the teacher and consequently murmuring can result to disturb the peace of the class. Questioning and answering involves both the teacher and the students and when both are involved, the classroom becomes the center of thoughtful activity. In this situation, the teacher can ensure effective classroom management. In conclusion, classroom management is a very important aspect of the teaching-learning process. A teacher will never succeed to deliver a good lesson if classroom management is absent. Consequently, teachers who lack classroom management techniques will find it very difficult to teach. The result will be that both the teacher and the students will be discouraged in such a classroom.