Teach English in Hezuo Zhen - Nantong Shi

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In every language, there are sounds that we need to learn the way they are pronounced and it will be achieved if we receive a very perfect education. For English teachers, it is very important for them to know the phonetics. They should be able to teach this part because one way to have fluency and accuracy is that the students can read or speak in English accurately and fluently. This can be carried out if the students have enough knowledge about phonetics and phonology. In the following I will discuss it . The smallest unit of sound is called phoneme. It is important for both teachers and students to distinguish every sound from each sound and this happens only if they are familiar with phonetics. One of the most famous phoneticians, Henry Sweet, said: "without phonetics we cannot neither observe nor record the simplest phenomena of language". It is the simplest because it is the first parts that is going to be taught, so a very careful teacher will have enough knowledge in this part so that his/her students will learn this part carefully. It is not supposed to teach all the phonetics part in the first sessions but the teacher should teach students the most important part of it. For example, teachers must start from scratch by vowels and consonants. In this part, the teachers must teach alphabets to the students. After that, he/she can give as many useful information in this part as possible to students. Students must be engaged. Phonetics can be very enjoyable if they are carefully and completely engaged. Therefore, it is very easy to go through the Study phase. At this time, they are ready to receive essential part of study, that is phonetics. Different games can be practical to make sure that they completely understand the sections. Once they have learnt alphabets completely, teachers can start with simple vowels and how they have different sounds in different situations. Teachers must include explanations and bring examples where necessary. It should be said that some books have very professional phonetics part that have diphtong and triphtong. It is not important to teach them what they are but teachers can covertly explain them. Phonology means the study of sounds and teachers must bear in mind that it is not a phonology class. He/she should not go through it for every single thing. They should keep this point in mind that the purpose of teaching phonetics is to have accuracy and fluency in reading and speaking and insisting more would have the result of being bored. Another important part in teaching this section is stress. Stress is classified in the group of pronunciation and it should be pointed that all words have stress in English language and Teachers must teach stress to students completely with careful attention. The teachers should explain what it is and why we should apply stress in our speech. It is obvious that there are some words that part of speech will be changed if we change the stress place. For example, record. If the stress is on the first syllable, it will be a noun. If it is on the second syllable, it will be a verb. For the conclusion, it should be said that teachers must have variety of ideas for teaching phonetics so that they can get students to be involved in this section. Feedback is very important for this part. Teachers must be sure that students have learnt phonetics completely because it is very important in accuracy and fluency and students can have its benefits in upcoming future.