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PERSONAL QUALITIES TO IMPROVE AS AN ENGLISH TEACHER Being a teacher is a prestigious profession with a life-long career opportunity, along with the gain of rewards and respects. Exploring this part of the work has become very popular in recent years. Most of the teachers enjoy the ambiance of young learners and this might be the reason for their prolonged youthfulness even after years. Over the last thirty to thirty-five years, the demand for this profession has increased, thereby also increasing its eligibility level, quality and salary. An English teacher efficiently utilizes the literature training, to enrich the students educational standards and empower their knowledge,. A potential English teacher has a strong understanding of pronunciation, grammar, and sentence structure. They should have the ability to track every student’s progress and provide feedback. Every teacher has their own style of teaching, but it is important to have certain qualities to be an effective English teacher. Some of them are: 1. Expert communication skills 2. Knowledge and passion for their subject 3. Ability to build caring relationships with the students 4. Excellent preparation and Organization skills 5. Strong work ethic 6. Friendliness and approachable EXPERT COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Communication skills are very important when it comes to delivery of information in the proper format in a formal atmosphere. Teachers who sharpen their communicative skills effectively are more likely to be entrusted by their students. Teachers should know how to break complex parts into simpler parts so that the students can understand the content at ease. Good communicators are often good listeners. “Listening is the zone in which inquiry happens, in which questions arise and tug at us and the seeds of ideas germinate,” Parrish said. Listening helps students to deepen their thought on the subject and also on the other end helps teachers to learn. Students are more likely to be receptive when a teacher’s body language and tone is more positive and encouraging. Apart from communicating to students, it is also equally important for teachers to have good communicative capacity with parents, peers and administrative members. PASSION FOR THE SUBJECT: Effective teacher always find a way to make things more interesting for their students. By showing little more interest, work and imagination learning become exciting, involved and important for the students. The teacher’s dedication and commitment ceases it to be a forceful learning and turns to be an inspiration. Unless there is a clear vision of the subject knowledge from the teacher, the students will not find the motivation to learn. Passionate teachers always endeavor to increase their skills for effective teaching. Building relationships with the students: Teachers become more popular among the students when they are treated the way they wanted to be. Too much of lecturing and talking to the students about their paucity of knowledge will make them frustrated. Teachers should try to offer their students positive reinforcement, protect their self-esteem, give them respect and listen to their concerns. The teacher should allow the students to keep their dignity which increases their chance of positive attitude. Also it is appreciable to tell the students that they have provided some of the best ideas to improvise teaching. This creates a positive impact on them in the future discussions and lessons. PREPARATION AND ORGANIZATION SKILLS: Getting organized and being prepared is an essential part of teaching. The teacher must know what works for them well, but this can be gained only with experience. It is always important to stay on top of planning and track teaching goals but, at the same time, each and everything need not be planned for the entire hour of the class. The teacher should be aware of some basic principles like, knowing the classroom, preparing what they are going to say, how to give self introduction. Teaching skills like organizing and lesson planning can be the crucial factors for beginners.It helps them succeed and remain in the profession. STRONG WORK ETHIC: One of the most important personal development as a teacher is having a strong work ethic. The teacher should always be ready for number of factors which can be very important particularly if they intend to work in an institution. 1.Practice punctuality - Be on time for the class, if possible arrive five minutes before the class for effective planning. 2.Use time wisely - A proper Lesson plan seems to be the most perfect way to plan and use your given time wisely. 3.Eliminate the distractions while in class as possible - Plan ahead and avoid as many distractions as possible to utilize the given time effectively. 4.Keep learning - Be updated with the technologies and teaching methods by regular learning. 5.Being impartial to students- Understand that all the students who are placed in our care are worthy learning. FRIENDLINESS AND APPROACHABLE: "According to a study by the American Psychological Association, teacher’s scare tactics can lead to lower test scores. These scare tactics include focusing on failure rather than success and highlighting negative consequences." Having some behavior boundaries in the classroom will help the students understand and become responsible. Sometimes when they intend to cross these limits, the teacher’s friendly and approaching behavior creates a positive attitude rather than negative side effects among the students. Thus a competent teacher should improve the above said qualities with confidence and take responsibility in every child who comes under his/ her care. When teacher improves their personal quality with a positive attitude the students will have a true understanding towards their teacher and this in turn mould the habits, trait and character of the students. Some external references: https://www.teacher.org/career/english-teacher/ https://work.chron.com/important-teachers-good-communication-skills-10512.html https://study.com/academy/lesson/teacher-organization-tips.html