Teach English in JiAngsushengguoyingnantong Nongchang - Nantong Shi

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You turn your TV on and you change the channels but all you can listen is people talking in a language that you don't really know about. You turn on the radio and everything you hear is a song that people use the same language that you heard when you were trying to find something to watch. You go to the store and you see labels and brands that you're pretty sure it's not from your native tongue. That was me when I first started reading and writing. I was five and I thought that learning my own language was enough to communicate with the whole world. When you start writing and reading you realize as soon as possible that your native tongue is not the only language that people speaks and living in a place that the american culture is rooted everywhere makes it easier to notice that soon or later you'll have to learn a second language, to get a better or job or just to get more familiar with all the movies and songs that you have always liked. I don't remember when I first heard about the english language, because it seems to me that it was always there somehow, which I believe it was. What I remember the most is listening to this old songs with my dad and thinking: what are they talking about? In that time, almost 20 years ago we didn't have internet to look it up the translation or anything like that so I always had those questions. When I turned 10 years old my sister used to work is this school and they started teaching english there and she asked me if I was interested to study it (she always knew how curious I was to learn it) and without thinking even for a second I said yes and that was the moment that I was gonna to learn the idiom that I always had contact with but I never really knew the meanings. I studied english for almost 6 years and I couldn't be more in love! After 2 years I remember that I was able to translate song just by listening to it and I was always trying to watch movies without subtitles because I didn't want to wast my time reading. I wanted to watch the movie and be able to pay attention in more than the letters below the scenes. And that was the moment that I knew that I could do anything I wanted. If I was able to speak the global language then I was able to go anywhere or be anything I wanted. Since my first contact with english I knew that would be something that would change my whole life. That was the moment that I realized that I wanted to be a teacher because I wanted to make people feel the same way that I did when I realized that I could translate a song only by listening to it or when I first talked with someone that had english as an native tongue. And somehow I never really wanted to stay only in the songs or movies, I wanted more, I wanted the whole experience. That was the moment that I decided that I wanted to move to America and here I'm. I've been living here for almost two years and this couldn't be better. There is not a single day that I don't see myself as a 10 years old girl that was really excited about learning a new language. Every time that I need to form a sentence, talk to someone, go to grocery or simple stuff as answer a call, I get this good feeling. English is not property from the countries that has it as their official language.English is global and if you're able to speak it, you're able to anywhere you want. As Derek Walcott said: "The english language is nobody's special property. It is the property of the imagination: it is the property of the language itself."