Teach English in Liuqiao Zhen - Nantong Shi

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Nowadays it is so common to come across people who have language learning problems perhaps majority of them considers as their own problem is ability or capacity to learn the language however they might not account significance of choosing correct method to acquire the language that strikes us to question subsequently on 'which method is effective for me then? 'beside by asking this question, making sure ourselves is not that so easy until having solid answers to apply in our language journey. First of all we should be aware of what is the main difference between effective and ineffective method, because we know that the definition of ineffective method is, spending more energy and time even though lack of positive results, for instance If we don't evaluate of the method in given time while using it no matter how effective it is ,that is possible to learn language in fifty years with the fact of inefficiency therefore finding the best effective method is likely to give us positive results in short time. There is no universal law to learn language for each individual nonetheless there are some methods that are robust to build skills in language learning process. Before decision-making these methods should be tested in reality and should had rational results for many people then the efficiency of the method is more convincing because some people have these results at least, on the other hand evaluating the ability of these individuals might be mistaken. If you are a learner(A1) it is not possible to assess their ability for you regardless how wrong their grammar rules or phrases, actually their fluency is sufficient to convince you to think they are high level of foreign language in addition their self-report to their language ability is going to be subjective perhaps it is less illusory but it is still not reliable either therefore only way remained to assess someone's ability in language that's showing this person's speech, written material to a native speaker who is literate enough to assess a foreign speaker. By evaluating someone to understand how close to a native speaker is for make sure us how utilizing the methods are due to their capabilities in the language otherwise applying someone's method who reached B1 level is not sufficient to make some conclusions in actuality, levels of language skills are like upside-down pyramid, If we want to understand the best method, the shape of the pyramid should already be clear therefore that is more likely to follow who has whole shape of the pyramid. As a result language learning requires commitment and time, as being aware of these facts and more we should pay attention when it comes to get any conclusion of language learning by considering the likelihood of efficiency of the method because it is likely to follow our intuitions rather than analyzing them how usable they are. Having experience with new methods might be counter-intuitive and that makes us stuck in same conventional methods even though better and more appropriate methods of the language learning exist. Bottom line is, at the end we will not wake up full of capacity from zero to total with one specific method on the contrary we will experience various methods of language learning until reaching our point at the language learning journey.