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Based on the way I understand Classroom Management, it is an instrument or a tool that made teaching delivered effectively. A system or a guideline that helps the teacher meet the objectives of the whole day classroom activities. The learners are more relaxed and participative, and even responsible if the teacher is very diligent in managing the classroom. Meaningful learning takes place in a safe environment and systematic management. Based on what I’ve learned in Principles and Methods of Teaching and with my teaching experience, Classroom Management has different aspects, basically, they are Physical Conditions & Materials of Instruction, Care of Routine, Directing and Controlling Learning, and Discipline. Physical Conditions & Materials of Instruction are not always within the teacher’s control, such as the size and location. But teachers can do something about it to make it attractive, cozy and comfortable. A teacher can work with his /her students in making the classroom attractive and conducive for learning. They can repaint it with the color they prefer, hanging curtains, plants or flowers, posters, pictures, bulletins, etc. The school or teacher must provide instructional materials that are attractive and interesting, or encourage students to improvise out of recyclable materials. They can also improve the lighting of the room, which is abundant and adequate, as it also affects the health and learning of pupils. The physical appearance of the room can perk up pleasant feelings, attitudes, thoughts, ideas, and appreciations necessary to learning. Pupils can work better and longer if conditions are favorable. Learning becomes more effective. It is necessary that the teacher must maintain pleasant conditions in the classroom. Care of Routine, there are advantages and disadvantages of routinizing. The certain advantages of routinizing activities are effective time and effort management, prevent confusion and promote learning activity. If the students are aware of what to do and how to do it, they can more easily focus on what is important. Giving more responsibility and purpose to your students help boost their morale. Routines that are well executed helps the teacher to save time and lessen his/her workload. However, routinizing has disadvantages also. Such as over-mechanized. If every little activity in the classroom is mechanized, no room for the initiative is left to the students. Creativity is destroyed, they act automatically. Students are like soldiers who merely wait for the chief’s command. This situation leads to blind obedience and acceptance of rules and procedures. This kind of arrangement must be avoided by the teacher. Though there are certain activities that can be routinized so that more time can be devoted or allotted to more significant activities. It’s just a matter of balancing what is to be routinized and what is not. The main goal is to save time and effort, students must learn the value of time and effort. Directing and Controlling Learning, basically deals with the guidance and direction of the learning process. The teacher manipulates the learners and the situation to reach the main objective of learning. Manipulation leads to the arrangement of the learning situation so that the student comes face to face with a stimulating problem. Teacher in reality tends to foster domination, manipulation, and intervention rather than the development of a genuine helping relationship, teachers must learn to control being domineering to get the students participate more. It is very important to develop two-way communication to insures a favorable teaching-learning climate. The classroom must be developed to become a learner-centered than teacher-centered. Discipline, is the major aspect of Classroom Management. It develops learner with good moral character and right behavior. Such as obedience, responsibility, diligence, perseverance, honesty, respect for others, and being fair. Importantly, discipline should help the child develop desirable habits leading to self-discipline. Discipline, to be effective, should be vital, meaningful, sympathetic, and humane. The pupil should understand why he/she is called upon to conform to certain rules and regulations. The advantage of proper conduct should be very clear to them. The classroom cannot function well without the teacher. The success of the activities in the classroom depends on the ability of the teacher as the classroom manager. Unfortunately, teacher does not learn the techniques of classroom management from the books. Teacher gets suggestions on how to manage a class, based on experiences of other teachers. Tricks in Classroom Management is based on Experience. Indeed, experience is the best teacher, even in Classroom Management.