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Flashcard is simply a card with pictures, numbers or words on it, that can be used for reading, pronunciation or vocabulary drilling. We can use any game that we played as kids to create an activity with the flashcards: Broken telephone Divide students into two groups left and right and have them sitting next to each other. At the end of each row are the flashcards that can be used to practice their pronunciation. The student at the back of each line reads his flashcard and whispers the words to the student sitting next to him/her. They continue like this until the words have reached the front of the line. Now the student at the front of each row must say it out loud and the first team to repeat the correct sentence from the flashcard wins a point. At the end of the round students that are at the beginning of the lines move to the seats at the back, take the new flashcard and repeat the process. The team with the most points at the end of the game is the winner. Spin the bottle Have the students sitting in a circle with a bottle in the middle. Student A spins the bottle, when it stops spinning it will be pointing to one of the students, and that student (student B) must say a word from the flashcard. If the answer is correct then student B can spin the bottle. But if answer is incorrect then student A will spin the bottle again. There are no winners or losers here. Rock, paper, scissors Divide students into two teams and have them standing in two lines next to each other. On a table in front of them are cards with some activities. Students from each team must say the activity from their group of flashcards. After saying the correct answer, the two kids are now playing a game of “Rock, paper, scissors”. The loser must run back to the end of their line waiting for another turn, while the winner sits aside. The first team to run out of players is the winner. In case of having an odd number of students, team with one student less will have an ‘extra life’ one of the kids will play twice and they can easily decide who by playing the “Rock, paper, scissors” game. Quick search Separate students into two or more groups then call out one student from each group. In front of them is desk with 15 or more identical flashcards. Then say some activity, faster person would find the correct card, raise their hand, read out loud, if it is correct, that team will get a point. Two to three cards for each student. More pictures – more chances. The team with the most points at the end of the game is the winner. Mime Divide students into two groups and give them flashcards with different activities on them that can be mimed. Group A will present first. One student should mime the action from the flashcard and his/her team will try to guess the activity. Each student will present at least once. Every correct answer will give them a point. Teacher can also make sure that each student explains the activity for one or two minutes. At the end of the game group with the most points is the winner.