Teach English in Nanyang Zhen - Nantong Shi

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When we speak about a global language, it refers to a language that is learned and spoken globally. A language that is recognized in every country. It acts as a " Lingua Franca", a common language that is used by many people all over the world aside from their native languages that enables them to communicate with other nationalities. Nowadays, the need for an international language is very important with the discoveries of new technology and scientific research, communication with other people around the world plays a vital role for it's progress. As global communication expands throughout the world, a need for global knowledge is also valuable. In today's modern times, English is a very effective language that nearly half of this world population is familiar with and it is widely spoken by many people. It opens for us the possibilities of mutual understanding and many international opportunities . English is an international language and ranks as the world's second native language. Many countries around the world make it an official language. It's a very flexible language that most of its grammar is generally simpler to use and easier to learn than other languages. In the field of education, English has been used and adapted into the learning curriculum of many schools and other learning institutions all over the world. It is the most accepted language of higher education that is convenient for students. English books and samples of literature pieces are written and widely used and available that is accessible to everyone. When it comes to finding employment internationally, english is considered the dominant language that is needed. Speaking english is a necessity as there are more companies expanding into the global market. They are expected to hire people who know how to speak in English fluently so that they are able to converse with clients and investors for negotiation. Many people believe it is the language of trade. As the global economy continue to progress, large corporations established, almost every country engage in stock, commodity and currency markets worldwide, a little bit movement or changes in stock price will have an immediate effect on other prices worldwide, in a situation like this, a common language would be chosen to make the information and communication flow as easy as possible. Most of the latest technical discoveries and inventions are based in english. To make use of the internet, knowledge in English is very important, it gives people access to a variety of information over the internet which is normally given in the English language, to be able to reach and serve many people. When it comes to travelling as a foreigner in a foreign land, knowledge in English plays an important role in communicating with other people. Wherever you go, you will see english signs and ads written in any place like hotels, restaurants, malls, schools, etc. It's already common knowledge that if you are in a foreign land, if we don't know the language of the place, we always ask if they understand and speak a little bit of english for us to easily communicate with the people in that area. In the entertainment industry, how many times we always look forward for some famous English films, books, or songs which are new in the market. To maintain the international relationship in science, technology, business, education, travel and tourism by using English as a global language, it serves its purpose as a tool for communication and unification of people around the world regardless of their nationalities, cultural backgrounds and races.