Teach English in Qilin Zhen - Nantong Shi

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Education in general, is the procedure of facilitating learning or acquisition of knowledge, ability, norm, beliefs, and habits. There are lots of methods one can use under education, these includes numbers of ways such as storytelling, discussion, training, teaching, research, even film viewing at some point and more. Many teaching methods, techniques and strategies was thought of and created for a more effective and efficient teaching and learning environment. All this ways of teaching and facilitating learning serves a big part in education. Although, with all this, the teaching materials you use for the course also plays an important factor of your teaching which is called course materials in educational term. Course materials are the things or medium that teachers’ use as a resource to help in facilitating students’ learning process all throughout the course. Course material can serve as a guide, a resource, a record and a guide for teaching. There are numbers of things that can be under course material such as course syllabi, course handouts, course lesson plans, test or quizzes, assignments, lecture materials, textbooks, slide presentation and so on. A well planned course materials are strong sign of an effective teacher’s approach to teaching and learning. It is a major key in assisting in–class experiences, same with the experiences outside the classroom. With your preparation to present your course materials, you might want to incorporate materials that have been used well and proven effectual for the particular course, and are related with your beliefs in teaching to establish a good course material that would align to the course itself with given considerations as well among your foreign students especially if you plan to work abroad. Course materials must be workable, meaning it is something that’s possible to take action in a learning environment and as well as something you can balance of with your students’ culture that might have a negative impact and might affect their learning. Other course materials are already self-explanatory though let us take some time to know the importance of some course materials. A course syllabus is the layout or outline of the subjects that a student will take in his or her specific chosen course, this course syllabus also applies to young learners as well which includes basic subjects that we usually take in our lower years. Syllabus are usually prepared by the school. Course lesson plan is also a layout or an outline but not for the whole course, instead for a specific topic in a particular subject that is under that course which is listed from the syllabi. This is also serves as a record of file that you may use in the future if a similar topic was to be discussed. Course handouts is a form wherein the objective of the specific course is written and students should have a copy of this to have an idea on what they would be discussing for the whole course. Overall, it may be said that course materials play an important part when it comes to education. It is something that the school and teachers do need to understand because it basically is the guide, topics and lessons that the students need to learn, that is why planning and implementing one should be taken seriously to be effective and relevant to their course.