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English is likely on the same difficulty level as many other languages when learning it, but the exposure and reach English has far outweighs almost any other language in the world. Because of its vast use, there are more reasons to learn it and more motivating factors for students. These factors include the presence of English in media and entertainment and its importance in business, travel, and education. English appears around the globe and this is in large thanks to its international prevalence in music and movies. When choosing what to listen to, so many incredible artists sing in English. Whether going out to a club, bar, or turning on the radio, artists like Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Bon Jovi, and Kendrick Lamar will be played in Japan, Germany, Portugal and countless other countries. With millions of amazing songs in English, language learners are given a great reason to learn so that they are able to understand and sing along with the lyrics. Other than music, Hollywood produces world renowned movies that are again in English. In nearly every country, people will know who Iron Man is or will have heard of Disney movies such as The Lion King. Now with online streaming, Netflix, Hulu, and HBO also provide TV shows and movies to a global market. The entertainment industry gives English students incredible learning material and educational resources. Aside from it’s entertainment value, English also gives its learners monetary incentives. The second reason English is so global is because of its importance in businesses. For example, the company language of Puma, the sports apparel company, is English. Puma is a German company, but they do business in English. This means that in order to work there, employees must speak English. This is the case not only for Puma, but thousands of other companies. Being fluent in English will help people obtain a better job and thus earn more money. Another benefit of speaking English is the ability to gain an international presence or attract an international crowd. Examples of this can be seen on YouTube. Adam Ondra, one of the world’s best rock climbers, and Fabio Wibmer, a famous mountain bike rider are both European and their first language was not English. By using English in their videos, they draw a bigger crowd and have more viewers. This is true for restaurants and businesses as well. When menus or websites have an English option, it draws in more customers and thus more money. By presenting information in English, business and brands become more successful. Travel is the third motivating factor to learn English. While traveling, English is quite often the common language. An example of this can be seen on boat tours in Amsterdam and Copenhagen. Companies give their tours all in English or one of the languages spoken is English. Even if tourists are not from an English speaking country, if they know English, they can understand what’s going on. Having this common language allows a Chinese person to be able to communicate with a German without knowing each other's language. English speaking countries themselves such as America, Great Britain, Australia, or Canada provide people with amazing travel destinations. Getting around in these places is much easier when travelers can speak to the locals. The last motivating factor for travel also comes with education. While at university, an exchange semester can be an amazing experience, but most, if not all of these opportunities come with a certain level of English fluency. The ability to travel can meet new people and learn about new cultures while still attending university can be extremely beneficial to students The last reason English is such a global language is because it is often the first language taught in non-English speaking countries. The reason it is the first language learned stems from the points above. English has a relevance in business, travel, and culture. Because it is so prevalent in the first place, it continues to be important. This concept is like a feedback loop. With the need for English everywhere, this also means there are English learning resources and teachers all around the globe. The more resources one has to learn a language, the more likely it is for students to improve their skills. Between the entertainment industry, monetary incentives, travel destinations, and plentiful resources, the English language has continued to grow in its importance. It may not be the easiest language to learn, but it can be highly motivating when a song comes on and English students can sing along or when businesses are able to sell extra items because they have a more international reach. With the increase of world trade and technology, English will only grow as a global language.