Teach English in Taoyuan Zhen - Nantong Shi

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Reading is a very important learning skill in acquiring a second language. It aims to develop our vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and writing aspects. Basically, people who read will have a much wider and better vocabulary whether we are a native or a foreign language speaker. This is because when we are reading, we are always learning new words. If we read a book or even a newspaper or magazine, we will learn different grammar, vocabulary, phrasal verbs, tense structure, and so on and we are absorbing all of the information and knowledge from the articles we are reading. A lot of people are struggling to construct a good sentence, where to put the word in a right place in the sentence. When we read a book and it doesn't matter what kind of book we're reading, a lot of words that we have read will eventually come up in their right places and our subconscious will constantly see it and end up processing all those words in our minds where the words must need to go. Continuous reading helps us memorize the words we always read and we get used to in the formation of the words in every sentence. Having started reading a habit at a young age is really helpful. Reading is very important to children as they tend to increase their exposure to the language by practicing reading at an early stage, allowing them to understand a lot of meaningful words, and relate letters of written language to the sound being spoken. Through reading a story and having fun colorful books with lots of pictures to keep them from getting bored, children are going to be very keen on reading a book. As they get older they are already exposed to such language and communicating with people will be much easier for them. There are few strategies we can use to develop our reading skills. We can write down the words we don't understand and try to look at them in the dictionary or internet. We should try to figure out where the words we don't understand must be put in a sentence, what are the use and meaning of this word and study the spelling and pronunciation correctly. We can also ask a teacher for further explanation on a subject that confuses us. This way we establish our vocabulary with each page that we read. When we're reading, make sure that we're not just reading, we have to think about all of these words that we see where it should be placed and start putting it into our minds to help improve our speaking skills. We will learn to speak the language easily and improve our listening skills as well by spending some time reading each day. Whatever language we are studying, we can practice what we have read not only in a book but also by going to some places where we can apply what we have learned from reading and which can be used in our daily lives such as ordering food in a restaurant, buying something in a grocery store or marketplace, reading street signs, greeting other people, etc. Therefore we should start making a good reading habit, as it could help us build our confidence and we can use it as a key to our success in this competitive world.