Teach English in Tongzhoushi KAifAqu - Nantong Shi

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The importance of ones ability to manage a classroom full of students is a very fundamental of becoming a successful teacher. As such this section is arguably one that carries a lot of value. Management isn't built on teachers expectations but rather the relationship between teacher and student, without loosing the legal obligation between said entities; the duty of care. Communication is dependant more so in body language than anything else and as such to maintain effective leadership/management it is wise to ensure the message you convey is one of professionalism and authority met with patience and support. To achieve this you must first act appropriately, come into each class with a positive attitude, dressed appropriately and with your main focus being to teach (as to plain on the phone). Moving forward it is wise to thin of eye contact, engage with others make them feel that you care about their progression by looking at them for the appropriate amount of time, preheats eye contact can encourage students to do as directed. Hand gestures are also important, avoid pointing at students as it is rather intimidating and can bee seen as an act of aggression. With an open palm and gentle gestures you can encourage students to participate. Talking clearly and slowly so that all can easily understand is also a very good way to gain respect of your students. Another good way to ensure that students respect the unsaid rules of the classroom is to seat them in a random but ordinary fashion, for example alphabetically according to their initials. This will stop close friends sitting together and acting out in numbers. Being a positive person and encouraging all to participate will indeed secure your place as a popular and respectable teacher and thus build a healthy rapport between the two parties. Getting to know the students name through an introductory game is a great start. Introducing both techniques and games will keep the students engaged and thus more interested in the lesson context, reducing boredom and ill behaviour. It will it turn provide a healthy learning environment which could even be described as fun. It is wise to be culturally aware as well, as what can be seen as good humour respect and even casual conversations may be deemed as rather rude to someone else due to cultural and environmental issues. Such an example would be that in Western worlds it is ok for young students to call their teachers by the first name, say David. However in asian cultures calling a teacher by his name is absolutely disrespectful and as such is better avoided. To manage one also has to encourage support and above all help. This should be done in a very kind and patient manor. To the student the learning process is likely to be very intimidating and as such they need as much support from the teacher as possible. Becoming irritated and short tempered will only add to this fear and the students will loos the confidence they need. To be a successful classroom manager/teacher you need to act appropriately, provide the correct body language and always maintain a positive attitude.