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Classroom management has always been an important factor in education at schools. Thus it will continue to be important in the future. It is not always easy to manage a classroom in one’s own country let alone a foreign country. There are many obstacles that teachers working overseas face for many different reasons. One of the main problems for classroom management is the behavior of the students. There are many aspects why the behavior of the students is bad in the lesson according to the native teacher. Some of which could be cultural differences, family education and English level differences. Firstly, classroom management can be challenging overseas for native teacher due to the cultural differences.Every country has their own culture and this can also been seen in the classroom by the students. For instance I am English and my students are Turkish. The way the classromm was managed when I was a student is much stricker than the teachers are allowed in Turkey. If a student was naughty in England the teacher could give punishments like, standing up and facing the wall or standing in from of the door.In Turkey the teachers are not allowed to use discipline like this or any kind. It is very limited in Turkey do manage a classroom and this can be really challenging. Secondly, another factor that could make classromm management tough is the education the parents give their children. The education that parents give their children at home is much more valuable than any lesson. Fort he child to be a decent individual and student come from a good home education. Things like; being polite, sitting as a student should sit, not speaking in class and respecting the teachers are very important. For example in England I can say a majority of the parents tell their children to listen and respect the teachers. In Turkey on the other hand I cant say the same for Turkish parents. As seen by the student while the lesson is being conducted.The students are never quiet let alone being respectful.This is some of the major challenges teacher can face while working abroad. The final and probably most common classroom challenge is caused by the different English levels of the students. As every child is different,so is their learning progress. This is caused by the schools grouping according to age first rather than grouping by the students English level. When this is the case, the students with a better knowledge can get bored if the curriculum is easy, their English level will also decrease. It can also be visa versa, ıf the students that are not as good as English are in a class where most of their peers are better, they will feel unconfident and will not participate in the lesson,therefor they will not be able to develop their English level. These factor would make it harder fort he teacher to manage the classroom. All in all, classroom management is not easy.There are techniques,but there is no easy way round this problem. A tecaher will gain expirience within time and will then be able to handle this obstacle.