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In a globalized world, learning a second language is definitely extremely important, because the language opens a channel of communication with the whole world, and consequently promotes empathy with different cultures, and there is also a consensus among parents that this is fundamental for your children's future. For any learning to be effective, parental support is essential, although many parents still find it difficult to arouse interest in their children's second language. In addition, it is natural that, because they lived in a time when learning English was not so easy, they are not able to contribute. However, the advancement of internet accessibility puts increasing pressure on people to learn a second language. And thinking about it, parents look for ways for their children to learn a second language as soon as possible, although this is not such a simple task, after all, children can encounter several difficulties if they are not properly stimulated. According to the BBC website: '' children do not learn a language, but acquire it '', and also according to research conducted in Israel, quoted on the same website says that children learn implicitly such as: listening natives talking and imitating them, because there is a consensus that children learn with a set of environment and entertainment. In addition, the research also concludes that children also learn faster due to the sense of urgency, since mastering the language is essential for social survival, such as: making friends, being fit and being accepted. While not all parents are bilingual and are busy, there are a number of ways they can contribute to their children's learning when it comes to English. With all the technology available today, there are several apps with games to play while they learn, as well as songs, texts, movies, cartoons, videos on YouTube, and parents can ask simple questions like: what did you learn today? , and they can also try to communicate with their children during English routines, even if they are with simple words or sentences like ‘’ good morning ’’, ‘‘thank you ’’, etc. Parents can also help their children memorize vocabulary by tagging objects with their English names at home; besides, of course, they keep in touch and have a good relationship with their children's teachers. Anyway, it is clear here that it is not mandatory for parents to spend a lot of time with these simple attitudes that contributed to their children's learning and that technology can collaborate a lot for the process, however it is essential that there is also the effort of parents so that everything occurs in a natural and fun way. That said, it is possible to say that entertainment and consequently technology are the essential and most efficient ways to learn L2 when we talk about children, and parents should make an effort to support their children's development with dedication, acting as the role of influencer, motivator and stimulator for their children, since it is already known that the influence of parents is fundamental to arouse interest and create motivation in something that will be fundamental for their children's future: the acquisition of a second language. References: BBC FUTURE. What is the best age to learn a language?. Available at: https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20181024-the-best-age-to-learn-a-foreign-language Access on: February 20, 2020.