Teach English in Yinyang Zhen - Nantong Shi

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There is no shortcut to ESL learning.Learning a new language requires a lot of time and effort. Motivation is critical to a learner's success,it is the key to all learning. Lack of motivation is the one of the major problems faced by teachers,parents,... There are many factors that would cause a student to lose his motivation, each student has reasons for his declining performance in class. Behavioral problems is often linked to the lack of motivation.If a child is enough motivated he/she can learn at any scale. Motivation can be intrinsic or extrinsic.The main idea of motivation is to capture the attention towards learning. Intrinsically motivated students studies because she/he wants to. These kind of students are always looking for challenging tasks,and doing their homework,...Having these kind of students in the classroom is the goal of all motivational development . In the other side,we have the extrinsically motivated student,that studies for other reasons,such as getting a reward,like graduating for getting a gift.However,if students aren't given a reward or credit for there effort and no feedback is given,their motivation would begin to decrease. A motivated teacher can help students by lifting their morale, since when a student notice a teacher being passionate about his job, the student subconsciously feels motivated. The teacher should forge relationship with the students,he/she must be kind,caring and patient. all this will build a desire to learn and participate. the positive energy of the teacher could help to increase students self confidence too. The teacher can help students get motivated by trying the following: -Making class communicative:part of the joy of language is using it to communicate,thats what most students want to get out of learning english. For some students their goal is communication in business,others for advances studies in university or college,still others want to explore the world . -A flipped classroom is a great way to give communication center in the classroom it turns tradition on its head,by assigning instructional materials to be completed at home and uses class time for extension. -using REALIA whenever its possible ,makes english practical,people don't like doing things that are pointless. Realia will make students prepared for what they will find outside outside the classroom. -project based is also a good way ,since it starts with a true life problem and ask students to solve it. -make class fun,when having a good time ,students will be more engaged in learning. From gamified lessons to virtual tours,there are Many tech tools to make class more interesting,and get students more motivated to learn. Incorporating technology in an ESL classroom will give students an educational edge. Educational technology can increase classroom productivity by helping students learn faster. Students in the ESL classroom often struggle to embrace target culture while maintaining a low affective filter.On one way that technology can help is through the use of virtual environments via on-line platforms and game based learning. Using videos/films,is an effective way,watching clips to discuss dialogs or subjects can be useful. All these methods and more are continually evolving as both technology and the ESL classroom develop with time. Motivation is the backbone of any classroom,and it is a part of every teachers job.A positive teacher and a comfortable atmosphere will motivate students to improve themselves. Encouraging intrinsic motivation of the students ,help setting them up for success,even after leaving the classroom.