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Opportunities to teach English to ESL students has become an extremely popular and accessible career path. With certification programs like TEFL/TESOL, both educators and non-educators alike can now work toward english-language certifications. The prospect of traveling abroad to live and work in new environments is exciting to many; coupled with the fact that a TEFL/TESOL instructor can give back to so many, as they provide lessons, activities, and assessments to those who seek English acquisition, is equally exciting. However, there is much to think about, prepare for, and consider, prior to administering one’s first lesson. In the following, I will discuss “specifics” to what an instructor must consider and carry-out prior to one’s first lesson. Before one can conduct an official lesson, one must gauge student ability and need. Therefore, the first task that an instructor should complete is to administer diagnostic tests to assess their student’s current knowledge (based on prior learning experience), followed by placement assessments. According to Unit 3, “placement tests are designed to enable you to group students by their current ability in a range of areas rather than anything specific. These tests often take the form of multiple choice style questions to make the marking quicker.” (ITTT Administration Team, 2011) After initial assessments have been administered; an instructor should gauge student need by administering Need Analysis. Working with Business English learners can look different from working with Young English Learners. That is; there are different motivations with adult learners than those of young learners. Therefore, an instructor should “check in” with their students to analyze student need. According to the TEFL text, “not all learners will be motivated to study English…motivation can depend on attitude and support of the company itself as well as the enjoyment level of the class.” (ITTT Administration Team, 2011) Therefore, an instructor of Business English learners must not only know their student’s aptitude, but interest as well. A Need Analysis according to the TEFL reading can be “in the form of a written questionnaire for the clients to complete or simply an informal chat with the clients and/or training manger.” (ITTT Administration Team, 2011) Need analysis lets an educator know how a Business English learner/student uses english for their job, provides a feedback session, is an overall agreement of need, and allows an instructor insight to how they should plan and implement lessons, activities, and assessments…all great feedback to assure the instructor knows student need and is ready to monitor and adjust lessons for each individual. Need analysis data can look and feel different dependent on course and student, but the evidence suggests that providing students with opportunities to discuss their needs is always a good thing. TEFL/TESOL certifications have opened many doors and provided much opportunity to those who seek new adventures overseas, regardless of educational background. However, one must understand that if they are to undertake teaching english to non english speakers, in this case, to adult English Business Language learners: there are certain preparations and considerations to adhere to. Providing appropriate assessments to all learners to determine knowledge and placement, as well as asking students to articulate their needs, will only help, shape, inform, and prepare instructors as they embark on becoming effective ESL instructors. Work Cited ITTT Administration Team (2011). Unit 3 End of course assessment of students. International TEFL and TESOL Training. February 18 2020. Retrieved from https://db.teflserver.com/eeap/index.php/units/#pdfviewer