Teach English in Silidian Zhen - Nanyang Shi

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The unit 7 about teaching new language includes techniques, how teachers can teach vocabulary, grammar and language functions. In this chapter was included also method ESA (Engage ? Study ? Activate) which was mentioned in the unit 3. I was reading about a ?straight arrow? typical ESA vocabulary lesson (Engage ? Study ? Activate), about a typical ESA patchwork grammar lesson (Engage ? Activate ? Study ? Activate ? Study ? Activate) and interesting was also the example of a typical ESA boomerang function lesson (Engage ? Activate ? Study ? Activate).Unit 14 is titled course book and supporting material. This unit outlined some of the advantages of using a course book such as the book offering a level of continuity and progression as well as providing a balanced mix of grammar, vocabulary and skills work. The unit also outlines some of the disadvantages of course books which includes that course books do not always fit the specific needs and interests of all the class members and that overuse of the course book may cause lessons to be boring and predictable. The unit also noted that when choosing a course book several factors need to be taken into consideration.