Teach English in Wangji Zhen - Nanyang Shi

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Unit 13: Teaching Pronunciation & Phonology ; 1-There are 4 major sound sound joining which is;Linking-Sound Dropping-sound changing-extra lettering 2-Intonation: This is considered to be the variation in valome and pitch Some of the topics covered is below:Speach Sound-The vowels-Phonemes- -Phonemic transcription-The - syllable Word stress Intonation Teaching pronunciation Manner Articulation: Plosives,affricates,Fricatives,nasal,lateral,approximants Place of Articulation: Bilabial, Labio-dental,dental,alvelor,palatal-alvelor,palatal,velor and glattal Intonation: Starts: rice-fall/ ends: fall-rice ASSIGNMENT SCORE