Teach English in Zhongyuanyoutian Jiedao - Puyang Shi

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At the outset, I would like to say that the tefl course has been a very beneficial journey for me. I call it journey because; each and every unit I went through was like a milestone which is worth remembering. As we often recollect experiences of various journeys we made, so is the case with the TEFL course. The experiences of the course will be recollected everyday in my professional life as an english language teacher. It is also very important to state that the feedback, encouragement and expert comments given by the tutor are of immense value and will stand me in good stead. What I have gained from this course can be summarized into the following groups: 1. Course content. 2. Course methodology. 3. Teaching methods. 4. assessment techniques. 5. Preparing lesson plans. 6. Teaching international students. 7. Overall impact. Course content: ? The course content has been structured in a manner that it easily flows between grammar, tips to teachers and language development. ? The above touches upon the essentials and also keeps interest of the students alive. ? When one lesson seems to be a tough one, it is immediately followed by a lighter and interesting topic so that a balance is built-in. ? The content is very exhaustive and powerful. ? Exhaustive because, it covers all aspects of teaching english in a detailed manner. The lessons on grammar are explained to such details that it becomes very easy for a teacher to explain minute differences between one structure and form; tenses, modals etc. Personally, I am benefited a lot by the above. ? Powerful because, the manner in which the lessons flow is seamless and evokes enthusiasm of the students. ? The content on teaching aids, equipment, tests and evaluation proves to be invaluable not only to a teacher of english language but also to all teachers in general. ? Evaluation and testing methods will be made use of by me regularly so as to improve effectiveness of my teaching. ? A brief introduction to phonetic symbols has generated a lot of interest in me to learn more. Course methodology ? The way the course has been designed is very impressive and will be of use to me whenever I am required to structure an english language course. ? As was talked about earlier, the course generates interest in both teachers as well as students. ? The assignments are thought provoking. They cover not only the theoretical aspects covered in the units but also make a teacher use his / her experience and imagination. ? The online tutoring is an excellent concept. It provides expert advice, feedback and encouragement. Teaching methods ? Teaching methods have been covered in a detailed manner in the course. ? The manner in which inquisitiveness in the students is to be maintained through a mix or teacher centered and student centered methods is well explained. ? Of similar interest are the use of various teaching equipment and aids and how each one can help achieve objectives of a lesson. Assessment techniques ? The unit on evaluation and testing is a milestone for teachers. ? In addition to being good at teaching, a teacher has to be good at assessing the students and putting ?in required interventions to improve their performance. ? Examples given on placement tests are excellent. ? Other tests like progress tests, diagnostic tests, practice tests and achievement tests have been well explained. Preparing lesson plans ? ESA method of preparing lesson plans was a good learning to me. ? I learnt it with lot of enthusiasm and used it in preparing lesson plans of the assignments to good results. ? It will always be at the back of my mind whenever I am required to prepare lesson plans. Teaching international students ? TEFL being an international course has given me enough exposure and knowledge to teach international students. ? The section on monolingual and multilingual students gives lot of insight into the above. ? The course has generated a lot of interest in me to teach international students and apply all that I have learned in it. Overall impact ? The course has made me a better teacher of english language. ? It has also generated interest to research and learn more about the language and teaching. ? Overall, TEFL is an excellent course and it becomes more effective when assisted by a tutor. To summarise, I can say that I am immensely benefited by the course and wish to thank ITTT and my tutor for making it happen.