Teach English in Anfeng Zhen - Taizhou Shi

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While adult learners are more motivated and learn consciously, young learners are more fun to teach. Young learners keep you on your toes and you have to constantly be coming up with new information and material to keep them motivated and entertained. Teaching young learners the classrooms are most likely loud and engaged with a lot of verbal repetition and drilling for learners under 9 years old. For the group 1 of young learners you have more fun alternatives for teaching new concepts because you cannot stay on one activity for too long because of their short attention spans. There will be more energy so more physical activity and jumping around. The teacher would participate a little bit in each activity so it would be fun for the teachers to get active with the students as well. For young learners to learn there can’t be a lot of teacher talk time, which although it should be low with all learners, it is easier to keep it minimal because of the variety of tasks available. Group 1 young learners enjoy being more active while group 2 learners enjoy being more social. Having to be creative to come up with activities to address each of their likes is fun. Creating something that the students can relate to, whether it be pop culture and social media, or singing a song and storytelling. When teaching young learners you have the options of storytelling, singing a song or chanting, playing games or charades, playing music, drama or arts and crafts. Although with group 2 young learners there needs to be less emphasis on games & songs, it is still more engaging and more welcomed than with teaching adults. There are various ways to relate the teaching back to something in the young learners life or their interests. With teaching adults, many of these options are not available because they are more mature and do not learn through these themes. The way adults learn is fitting for their age, but it is not as fun as coming up with stories or songs or drama actions for the young learners to learn. I think it is easier to come up with linking activities for young learners than adults. Although young learners would be more prone to behavioural and discipline problems than adults, I think it is more rewarding to teach young learners. Young learners, depending on their age have growth and maturity, and you play an important role in the growth. Adults already most likely have their career path, their families, and for the most part are set in their ways. Young learners are a sponge and love to learn and to be taught new things and they are excited if you are able to make a fun and exciting classroom environment. Adults typically make the conscious decision to learn English for a reason or purpose, but children are often not willingly learning English. If you are able to make this learning fun although they did not voluntarily want to learn, and they enjoy the class and what they are learning, it is very rewarding and fulfilling.