Teach English in Chumen Zhen - Taizhou Shi

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The focus of Unit 14 is the effective use of coursebooks and lesson materials. The section on lesson materials provides insights regarding the the differences and uses for 'authentic' versus 'created' materials, as well as a detailed understanding of the various types of materials that we can bring to our classroom (e.g., white boards, video, worksheets, visual aids, and realia). In addition, Unit 14 also provides a detailed understanding about the pros and cons of coursebook usage. We also learn that there are four different options for coursebook use: omit, replace, supplement, and adapt; also, a teacher must analyze a coursebook for consideration using factors such as: balance of skills, price, availability, syllabus, and included materials. Lastly, the Unit text provides visual examples of created materials, such as: crossword, word search, flash cards, and role-playing cards.