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I have chosen this theme. It is a very special and interesting topic, that is why I chose it. I'm going to write my experience and opinion. Punishment should not occur in the classrooms, but it does. I would start my essay with motivation. The motivation itself is a really good vital thing. Everybody likes being motivated, the adults as well, but this topic is about the students. In a certain period from kindergarten to undergraduate the motivation is essential for development. In this term the young children, and young adults, or youths, are very sensitive for the incoming stimuli. I mean, there is a lot of influencing factors in their life. It is said, that a well motivated student is more successful than a non-motivated. My personal opinion: Yes it is! A non-motivated student is unable to unfurl his / or her talent. It often happens in this way. Let me come to the punishment. Punishment can be happened by using humiliating phrase or loud shouting at students or perhaps excluding one or more children from the class for a while. In the kindergarten the confidence of the children, can be built effectively. Some kind words to the children, do count a lot. At this point they start integrating into their society, start getting know each other, they like playing with a lot of fun. A malicious or nervous loud roar from the supervisor or teacher, can make the children be scared. This scary feeling probably can be a trigger to an introverted behavior. I do think the way it is. Let's take an example from the elementary school, If a teacher or teachers' attitude is indifferent or critic on the students in negative form, it has a completely bad effect on the students. My personal standpoint is, that the discouraging or humiliating behavior is unacceptable from the teacher or teachers, and they do not have the right to do it. Teachers do not have the right to humiliate students! Either abjection or loud shout at students, I think these are the worst ways for teaching! The punishment does degrade the students' perfomance. A scared, humiliated or frightened student can not focus and produce at all. Can not learn well, because of the stress, which is caused, by the negative words of the teacher. These negative incoming comments obstacle the students' development in learning and in their soul development also. Unfortunately, punishment in the education is a wildly expanded tradition in Hungary. I do not want anybody to be put in a compromising situation, but this is my own personal experience and opinion. I would mention my theory for a possible solution, how to stop punishment in the schools. Parents have a real real huge and powerful role in these situations, provided there is a genuine communication between parent and child. I reckon the main condition is, that the child or children should have to dare to speak to their parents honestly about their life problems, and feelings, including the negative and positive events equally. In an ideal, parent – child communication, the parents always take the children seriously, and it is true inversely too! If the children can perceive the attention from their parents, and they can tell everything to the parents without keeping secrets or being ignored...That is the best way I think so ! The best way to solve the punishment problems in the schools!