Teach English in Diaoyu Zhen - Taizhou Shi

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As you read in the tittle, I will try to explaing what I mean with 'real teacher'. Even if I am a teacher, I am a student in this road as well because I always try to do my best for my students. Firstly if you want to be a teacher, you need to the responsibility of teaching and learning process. I have been teaching for seven years in different schools and now I am a both manager and teacher in a language course. I have lots of students from different age groups and this enables me to observe differences between young and adult learners. Firstly I need to make my students love me and my lesson by being respectful to them. 'To establish rapport', I should use appropriate voice tone, facial expressions and gestures. For example, when I come to my young learners' class, I call all of them as my children.I try to behave as if I was a child and with the help of it, they aren't afraid of making mistakes or talking. When they love me, they try to join my lesson, talk and being productive. In other words, I always try to their love and respect. What I do with my adult learners is being one of them but I show my authority with my voice tone and manners towards them. I use my soft voice, gestures and some jokes to make them comfortable and happy without distracting their attention. In my country, in Turkey unfortunately, there is something wrong about teaching English their solution has not been found for ages. I want to solve the problem by changing my attitudes towards my students as a teacher. When there is a problem about my lesson, I always ask myself ' what is my mistake? how can I improve myself?' When I approach in this way I both develop my teaching skills and take the responsibility of my teaching process. Being a teacher is an ability I think. I do love to teach and I make my students feel that I love both them and teaching to them. As another point that I want to explain is 'How to correct mistakes'. I think as a teacher, I give more importance to ths field. I should be a good observer because by observing them, I can find out their personalities and choose the best way to correct them without offending them. Observation is also important to spot out-of-classroom problems that my affect their success. To sum up, my students can put me wherever they want whenever they need in their lives. I should be their friend, mother, partner, motivator, observe them. I think real love takes us to success so I love my students, my children, my friends. Being a teacher is like a long journey. When you think that you arrive, You see that there is a long way in front of you. During my trip even if I am not a mother, I have learned how to be a mother; even if I don't have a sister, I have learned how to be an elder sister. I am like an actress at the same time. My class is my stage and according to the atmosphere, I decide my role. I love acting, I love teaching.