Teach English in Guanlu Zhen - Taizhou Shi

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This unit begins with showing the difference between authentic and created material. Which materials are called authentic and which ones are called created is listed in this unit. Also few samples of created materials such as Crosswords, Word-search, flash-cards etc. are given. The next part of the unit focuses on the Course books along with its advantages and disadvantages. Also how course books can be of best use is described. Omit, Replace, Supplement and Adapt, the four different options of the course books, are explained. Also the factors on the basis of which a course book can be analyzed are given with the proper explanation in the ending part of the unit. This unit is going to be helpful to me as it has given the proper explanation about the authentic and created materials. It will provide the basic idea about the proper selection and use of the material. Also this unit taught me how can I make the course book useful after knowing its advantages and disadvantages.