Teach English in GugAo Zhen - Taizhou Shi

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One of the things I found rewarding after finishing my TEFL course is lesson planning. Before that, I used to script each detail before attending classes. The reason behind this is because I thought that using this way would be much easier and would prepare me for any sudden situations. Later on, I realized that lesson planning acts as a reference and a record. It is a reference to use while in classroom, which would keep me on track, never stop me from being flexible, and allow me to mention my expectations regarding the learning process and the way I intend to achieve it, and as a record of what I would have done in class, which activities the class has gone through and which materials have been used during that time. From what I have learned so far, planning a lesson is all about being as simple as possible, flexible and adaptable. For me, giving the lesson a smooth flow is a priority. So, I am always cautious about the idea of being well prepared and organized. Since I have finished the course, I started to pay attention to some practical points after interring a classroom. These points include running through my lesson plan to make sure that nothing is messing, checking the technological equipment I might use as it would turn the class into a mess if it did not work probably, arranging the seating in a suitable way, and interring with a smile and a warm up chat. The most rewarding information I have gained from this course is the way of forming a lesson plan. It is by pointing out the structure of the plan I am following. The most essential points a lesson plan shall include are, learner objectives, personal aims, language point, teaching aids, phase, timing, and class level. Each of these is extremely important to establish a balance based class. To state the learner objectives is like setting a goal for the student and a motivation for me as a teacher. By the end of the lesson I shall be able to point out what was hard for the student to achieve and what he or she did to the best of his or her ability. Then, I may act according to this while polishing my thoughts. About the personal aims, in my opinion, they need a great concentration, honesty, and good analysis. As a teacher, I always prefer to be my own critic. Of course any one may make mistakes, but there is always a way to correct things and put them in order. That is the reason why I try my best to develop my skills and to improve them to serve the needs of my students. Regarding the other points, they all could be accustomed according to a specific lesson I am teaching or they could be accustomed to a square of lessons. Whether this or that it is always helpful and rewarding to point out the theme I am teaching, the aids I am using, the Engage, Study or Activate phase I am preparing myself and my students for, the time I am expecting for each activity, and the class level which acts as a strong base I would build my lessons on. To sum up, this course has strongly served my needs toward lesson planning and has opened my eyes to new ideas regarding classroom management.