Teach English in Guxi Zhen - Taizhou Shi

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The teaching process involves communication between the teacher and the learner and also student to student communication. For the language to be understood and be put in better use, it is the responsibility of the teacher to focus more on the learning of the students. From the many roles the teacher has it is important for the teacher to enable the students to learn the language on their own through various activities and be available as a resource in case of any assistance or guidance needed. Knowing when to involve and engage the students is needed. The more involved and interested the learners are, the more stimulating and productive the teaching process is. Throughout the process the teacher has to have flexibility and their role should vary according to the activity and situation without dominance or prompting uncertainty in students. In general managing how the lesson is to be conducted plays a big role on how communication flows during the lesson. The teacher's attitude when teaching determines a lot how the learning process results and from that students are able to enjoy classes and even have increased usage of the language when interacting with each other. When the learners have a confident and an approachable teacher then they find it easier to communicate during the lesson and can easily enjoy the lesson and eventually are encouraged to use the language more among each other and with the teacher too. Every teaching process includes the engage, study and activate methodology which incorporates numerous stimulating activities that promote more student talk time. Through elicitation, there is great involvement of the students and this is very important. Teachers are able to discover what students already know and easily determine what more should be added in the next lessons. It's a great tool to increase students talk time. The various elicitation techniques include flashcards, drawings, role-play, gap-fill, mimes, follow on questions, real objects, videos,short tape extracts and much more depending on the teacher. The techniques should be varied in each lesson to avoid being predictable which could result to students being bored and eventually losing their attention. The level of language for the students is to be considered to avoid confusion or overwhelming the students. Depending on the lesson plan the teacher has made, the various activities planned should be enough to encourage students to interact with each other more. Some challenges may arise during the activities depending on the specific groups of learner such as, adults, children, individual students, beginners, business English group, teaching and sometimes the availability of teaching equipment. The activities that could be done would be limited in some groups more than others but the teacher should be able to find a balance and still maintain discipline when problems arise. Motivated students are more successful and the teacher has the responsibility to build it through interesting and enjoyable and varied lessons. There are various approaches and for any chosen the main focus would be enhanced exposure to the language and encouraging the learners to extensively discover it for themselves of course having an amount of input from the teacher as required by the syllabus.