Teach English in JiAngyinyuanqu - Taizhou Shi

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One to one teaching is common around the world and very popular online. It allows more flexibilty for those who can’t attend regular classes due to different reasons. It is made more special by the fact that many teachers have to develop their own materials, strategies, and approaches. The teacher will contribute to the success of his/her students and their development, a great personal achievement. The following essay takes a look at Teaching one to one. Individual lessons can be more rewarding for the teacher and more beneficial for students. The learner has the full attention of the teacher and they can develop a productive relationship with each other. This means more opportunities to get into a real communication and a better understanding of the learner's needs. When the teacher knows what the student requires and how to achieve it, he/she can target his/her individual lessons to produce faster results. The other advantage of teaching one to one class is that the teacher can work as a freelancer at a flexible time and earn more money; independently of an institution. A great flexibility which gives a serious advantage in everyday life. Here are some negative points of teaching one to one: Teacher and learner may not get along with each other. The fact that the learner and the teacher are alone together for the duration of the class creates considerable pressure for both. The teacher may feel compelled to achieve results due to a higher level of responsibility. The lessons can be mentally and physically exhausting for teacher and learner, classes also may become boring if the teacher does not use different approaches since there is no possibility of interacting with other learners or of developing group enthusiasm. Some learners feel more comfortable making mistakes in group dynamics than in front of a teacher. It is very important to know what the learner's expectations of the class are; priorities and needs should also be discussed beforehand as well. These would help the teacher to personalize the syllabus. The class often moves at a pace and aims of the learner. The teacher intervenes to assess any gaps, deficiencies to be corrected or filled, he/she also works on the misunderstood parts of the lessons in a completely neutral and constructive atmosphere for the student. Many of the materials used with a group class are adaptable to a one to one class. Humanizing the class can be productive, but the teacher shouldn't go into personal areas which might make the learner feel uncomfortable. Individual lessons can become very intimate, the teacher must set a limit on how far to go. All things considered, teaching one to one class has its pros and cons. Feeling useful gives meaning to a person and giving lessons will give a teacher one by ensuring the proper functioning of the teaching. The accomplishment will make the teacher proud. Not only he/she will share his/her knowledge, but he/she will also play a more than important role in the life of the learner. Teaching is like an adventure, the more you teach the more you will explore.