Teach English in Jiulong Zhen - Taizhou Shi

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Teaching is a very rewarding thing to do and good teachers are needed in every school. As teachers, we should perform according to the standards set by the state and beyond the expectations not just of our students but also of our department heads, school administrators and parents who send their children to our school. A good teacher acts in ways that are favorable to the development of basic skills, understanding, work habits, desirable attitude, value judgment and adequate personal adjustments of students (Farswan, 2019). We must learn teaching skills to be very effective in this profession. Teaching skills are not acquired overnight; these are developed overtime by constant practice and learning from morales. Teaching skills should be applied from the very moment the students enter the classroom until the time they are dismissed. This is where the teacher should establish rapport with all the students, find out about the students, what are their needs and aspirations with english, and to know the English level of each class member. The teacher should also identify their interests, plan for the course to meet the needs of the class, and prepare the needed course syllabus. The teacher needs to develop the skills on how to make the classroom environment more conducive for learning, like having warmers in the beginning of the lesson, placing strong students with weaker students, checking the materials and equipments if these are properly functioning. These are some of the techniques a good teacher must employ to ensure that effective learning takes place inside. Effective teaching skills are necessary to achieve all of these. This can be done through continuous research, practicing what have learned and attending professional development seminars and training. There are Eight (8) Key Skills You Need to Work in Education (www.brightnetwork.co.uk) These are Communication, Patience, Creativity, Enthusiasm, Confidence, Dedication, Conflict Resolution and Organization. This article describes each key skill and wrote here how to develop such skills. Communication is very important especially when you have mixed students and english is not their first language. This could be challenging for the teacher if he/she handles mixed students, but if the teacher learns communication skills this job will be easy to handle. A teacher can be challenged in developing patience especially when he/she deals with students who are considered "beginners" in learning the english language. Patience will be developed upon understanding the needs of the students, though it is quite difficult to develop this attitude, but constant reminder to oneself could lead to development of patience. Creativity and Enthusiasm will come out if the teacher loves the subject and the job. Creative teacher doesn't just rely on text books, but also creates some of visual aids by himself. Confidence is easily achieved when you know what you are doing and knowledgeable to the subject matter. Dedication is what the teacher needs to make the student successful in learning. It takes a dedicated teacher to encourage the student to learn. Conflict resolution skill is needed to handle students that have problems with fellow students. This skill will defuse tense with student without leaving a grudge on them. Everything in class should be organized accordingly. This will help the teacher to have easy access to everything that he/she needs. The 5S (sort, set in order, shine, standardize, sustain) of Japanese are the common practice in organizing once workplace. I believe that these skills are very useful if practiced and observed properly. I believe that to become an effective teacher one must continue learning teaching skills, for these will not just help us ease and organize our classroom but these can be a big help for our students to learn. As I’ve said, skills are not developed overnight but with constant learning and practice, we'll be surprised that we have already these skills.