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Many of us send our children to school because of our belief that schools or institutions are the best places where learning can be acquired. Some teachers view learning from a limited perspective. The previous education system focused on completing and achieving the benchmark of the standard knowledge rather than developing and creating new knowledge. Students are taught through the completion of the course books, supplying incomplete information and answering questions that require a low level of thinking skills. However, learning must not be viewed only on what is written in textbooks or what materials are available in a classroom. Learning must go beyond the premises of the institution where the application of learning is best tested especially when it comes to learning the English language. Learning English is more than the exercises in the class or grammar worksheets, it is learned better through the application. One great outdoor activity suitable for adult learners is through immersion. Students could get hands-on experience using the language. Compared to classroom role-plays and simulations, letting the student engage in the outside world and do activities such as shopping, eating out in a restaurant, buying a ticket, taking public transport, etc. offers a wide range of language skills. It also provides a more natural approach since students are able to interact with a native speaker or locals in a real scenario. A simple outside open group discussion where the student takes turns in making and answering questions based on outside observation can also promote the use of extensive skills of the language. This could also enhance student’s critical thinking skills as they increase their curiosity about the things they see and hear in the outside world. Not only that students able to practice but learn at the same time as well as they explore and encounter varied expression and vocabulary used while on the process of involving their selves in the situation. For young learners, a teacher can maximize student learning potential through activating students' overall senses. This type of learning involves seeing, smelling, hearing, tasting and touching. The teacher could give questionnaires that the students may complete in groups or in pairs as they wander with nature outside the school or if students are mature enough for lesser supervision activities can be done in public places like museums, tourist spots, historical buildings and the city you work in. Through this activity, learners are able to use language in their full experience. As studies reveal, learning through experience is a great way for longer learning retention. Another outdoor activity that can be beneficial in teaching English and is also applicable not only to learners in the lower age bracket but as well as those who are already in the higher one is outdoor games. There are a large of outdoor games that can be adapted in learning the English language. This also a substantial material for students’ stimulation and motivation. In this way, learning can be fun leading to more interest and engagement to learning. Activities can be integrated through sports games or group games such as “ Amazing Race” incorporating some topics in English learning for the race clues and challenges. The teacher could introduce a new set of vocabulary through the game “Scavenger Hunt” which can be done individually. There are also several classic games that can be utilized to promote language-speaking like pass the message, charades, drama games and many more. Learning a language should be boundless. It is the teacher's duty to create an environment that does not limit students’ potential in using English. As for the teacher, the concept of teaching must evolve into a higher process that could lead the student to utilize every opportunity as a time for learning, Schools aim students to be successful in the outside world after they graduate from the institution. So, it is just preeminent to let the students also get their learnings from the outside.