Teach English in Liangxu Zhen - Taizhou Shi

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In my opinion games are very important in a classroom or in any learning institution. If a teacher keeps reading and writing everyday just as a daily routine in class believe me students will be bored to attend his or her class most especially young learners they will be bored to hell, because of that they will start climbing on chairs and tables or still running round the classroom and shouting. I will focus about on young learners now. As a good teacher after teaching new vocabularies to students, when you noticed they are bored or tired you should either change the method of teaching or start playing games with them related to the topic of the day. In addition, class games do matter and varies there are games which are not suitable for the classroom other games are. Moreover, with the suitable games they vary too because not all kids will love all the games the teacher wants to play with them or know the games. As a result teacher should know the games which his or her students love most and like it so much but if the teacher decide to play a game that is not familiar by the students they will not have that interest as a result your class will be more boring and this time it will be worst if care is not taken. Furthermore, if your play an interesting game with the students Wow!! Your classroom will be full of excitement and happiness from the students making your classroom more joyful. As I earlier mentioned above classroom games do varies as per the age groups. Students from kindergarten will not play same game as secondary or high school students. Secondary and high school students should focus more on vocabularies, reading and speaking as a result games played with such students are different with that of kindergarten. As a teaching you can plays games that will help the students improve their reading, listening, spelling and reading capacity without them having doubts when they come across English words. Regular studying at government schools hardly experience games in their classrooms because the teachers are so strict and if the students make noise they are punished. Unlike at ESL centers is not the case because learning a new language is not easy as people might think is not your mother tongue but you are willing to learn the language to be able to communicate with people from that from country without any problem is not easy at all. As such the teacher needs to be very friendly in class and with the students as a whole. Furthermore, the teacher cannot be friendly with the students if does not play games with the students and music as well to make your classroom lively. The teacher needs to create time for the students as well it does not mean the students will come to the center just play games all the time though important but they need to study as well because that’s the essential part of learning.