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When it comes to teaching English as a second language, we English teachers have a challenging job on our hands. We not only want to make sure our students are learning English, but also that they are enjoying themselves while learning in the classroom. For this reason English resources are important. Having a set of English games for kids to play for each lesson is important in order for our students to leave class with new knowledge, and so they can to go home and tell their parents how fun English class is. Using Classroom games to learn English is a great way to keep students interacting in a positive way as well as continuing to grow their memory, vocabulary and pronunciation. Types of English games for kids which are perfect for children who are beginner English speakers and still learning the basic o the language. 1):Warm up Games with total Physical response(get up and move)- The best way to start your class is with a warm up game. Warm up games it can come up in all shapes and sizes. a lot of these games should include total physical response, that way children are interacting and using language with physical movement. This is a great way to have all the children involved with learning while warming up their brains for the upcoming lesson. Warm up games can be tailored to whatever lesson you are teaching your class at that time and can expand depending on learning level. How to Play? All the students will stand in front of their desks or form a circle. The teacher will call out a vocabulary word and the students will have to act it out. You can also play the reverse side of this the teacher can act out a vocabulary word and the students have to say what the teacher is acting out. Examples: *Using Basic Knowledge in language: The teacher will call out words such as: Stand up Sit down Open your book Close your book Pencil Crayon Rubber The students will act out actions to these words or will hold their objects of what vocabulary word the teacher is using. *Using routine in Language: Good morning Goodnight Yawn Shower Brush your teeth Brush your hair Wash your hands How This Classroom Game Teaches English? Get up and move is a great way to teach English because it is using physical response and getting the students not only moving but thinking. Students are using both the left and right side of their brains and the more fun they are having the easier it is to remember vocabulary words. 2):Musical Chairs- is one of my favorite in the classroom games that can be tailored to whatever topic or lesson is being taught. How to Play? The teacher will make a circle of chairs in the middle of the room, often use 5-7 chairs at a time. Stick vocabulary cards on the back of each chair. This can be words or pictures. Play music, when the music stops all the children have to find a chair, the last student to sit has to say what is on the back of their chair. Pick an English song your class has been practicing and use that to stop and play the music, this is reinforcement of what you have already been learning in the classroom. You can also find a list of recommended nursery rhymes and songs for beginners. Example: Use the alphabet or numbers and have the students say what is on the back of their chair. Those who are advanced learners or if you want to make the game more challenging, you can have the students tell you what letter or number comes before and after. Use animals or colors and have the students say what is on the back of their chair and the same process if you want to make the game more challenging you can have the students make animal noises, or act out the animal and find the color that's on the back of their chair in the room. How This Classroom Game Teaches English? Musical chairs is a great way to reinforce vocabulary words the classroom is working on. It also makes English more fun and is used as a memory game for students. The background music is an excellent way to use classroom language in a subconscious way for the student as well. 3):Secret Box- can be tailored to whatever topic or lesson is being taught. How to Play? The teacher will have a box full of objects or items relating to the current lesson. Each student will come up and put their hand into the box, they have to try and guess what's inside by using describing words. After they have done this, the student then pulls the object out of the box and have to say what it is, shape, color, sound ect. Example: My teacher often like to use this game for food lesson. and then categorize the box using fruits for one game and vegetables for another. The students guess which food is inside and tell me what color they think it is then after they pull the food out, they have to tell me what the food is, what category it belongs to, the color, shape and if they like it. How This Classroom Game Teaches English Secret box helps students practice current, past and new language. Having to use describing words as well as practicing how to categorize words. Students are also learning by using their 5 senses as it relate to English. 4):Telephone- can be tailored to whatever topic or lesson is being taught. How to Play? The teacher puts the students into a line or circle and says a sentence to the first student in the line. The students have to whisper the sentence to the next student until it gets to the final student at the end of the line. The final student then tells the class what they think the teacher's sentence was. You can switch up the line so the students all have a turn being at the beginning and the end of the telephone. Example: Telephone is a great game to use when practicing sentence structure and pronunciation. If the topic is, I like/ I don't like, then I will use phrases or sentences using those words. To make it harder I will add in and /or/but to challenge the students. "I like apples, but I don't like pears ect." How This Classroom Games Teaches English? Telephone is a great game for pronunciation of current words as well as new words. If the sentences are funny or the students mess up it makes the words more memorable because it is being learned in a fun and interactive way. It is also great time for the teacher to ask follow up questions to the phrase or sentence that was being used in the game, this helps with student interaction as a class.