Teach English in MaoshAn Zhen - Taizhou Shi

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Due to the widespread expansion of social networks and platforms like YouTube and others, the use of video in training teachers has become a powerful tool in everyday teaching and learning. The video of the lesson, training or tutorial has so many advantages that the modern world we cannot ignore visual learning anymore: - You can use video to learn and to teach; - You can watch video from any part of the world and use it for your teaching aims; - Video can show world global tendencies as well as local features and details (like using and understanding local accent); - Watching films in original is a great well know authentic material for developing understanding skills; - Subtitles is a great way of learning the language for beginner and intermediate students. These qualities make video a useful tool for professional development for the teacher. There are many ways we can use video for teacher learning and training. The teacher with no experience or little experience can face issues like fear of teaching, lack of confidence or empowerment. In this case, the teacher can show video material to explain the most complicated parts of the lesson. Video can be included as a part of engage, study or activate stages of ESA lesson. For teaching business English we can easily use visual materials to teach and explain all the stages of the job interview and to discuss it with the students repeating the most important parts as much as it's needed. Teaching English to the children also can include a lot of video content as it will be more appreciated by children and will fill the attention gap and keep the teaching style in the most entertaining way possible. Many students have their smartphones and tablets and the part of the activation stage can be recording the video of their presentation or any other activity. Using this video content can be a tool for a teacher to evaluate students' progress and make the remarks for the future. Video of the lesson can be used during the evaluation and self-reflection processes in order to make further improvements in teaching style. Thanks to video recording and its further watching teachers can think of improving his or her teaching style, pronunciation, speed, intonation, gestures, mimics, the delivery of the material and many other important components of the lesson. The variety of videos available on the internet shows the perfect way to explain the difficult parts like grammar, represents different teaching styles around the globe, shows different methods of teaching, various activities in the class, the methods how to form different skills. Videoblogs can teach different stories and resolving the teaching issues from the personal teaching experience. Video calls using Skype or any other similar platforms are a great way not only to teach online but to take individual coach sessions to improve teaching style. The webinars for teachers can be a great way to join the community of the teachers worldwide and to share and to gain experience for improving his or her teaching style. Visual learning is fundamental to the education process, it opens the new doors for developing teaching skills and teaching in general.