Teach English in ShengAo Zhen - Taizhou Shi

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Learning a foreign language can be a very difficult task. People start learning foreign languages due to many different reasons: for work, travelling or as a way to improve one’s skills and knowledge. Whatever the reason is, however, not much can a learner achieve without proper motivation. Motivation is needs and desire of a person to do what he is doing. It is a feeling that stimulates a person to accomplish his goals.As learning languages takes time and effort, It is obvious that in order to get high level of English students need special motivation to keep going. The type of motivation for each particular student or group depends on many factors. The motivation system for young learners may include a reward system. It is a competition where students get little something as a reward for their hard and active work during classes. At the end of the month teacher gives a special prize to the most bright and active learner. Another thing the teacher needs to bear in mind is to keep his classes fun and varied. Young learners need a change of activity very often. This will keep them engaged through your lesson. It is a different thing when working with teenagers. Teachers needs to think of motivation system more thoroughly. One thing to consider is students interests and talents. Being a teenager means discovering self and understanding what you want in life. It is a good idea for teachers to get to know his students and explore what they like and can do best. Teachers can plan their lessons in such a way that what students enjoy can be used naturally. Another good idea is to make use of pop culture or any culture the students like. Certainly the teacher needs to know something from this culture too. Students can explain and show what they read, watch and listen to and why, share their likes and new discoveries.When planning a class with lots of activities, make sure you don’t give away all your brilliant ideas at once. It is going to be more difficult to surprise and engage your students each time. So save some exciting tasks for next classes. Motivating adults is yet another issue. It is possible that many adults have previous experience in learning languages which can be successful or not. So teacher’s task is to find as much information as possible about his students in order to teach at an appropriate level. As any other age group adults prefer variety in their classes. However no surprises should come as adults can be afraid to lose their face in front of others or can just feel humiliated. What really makes difference with adults Is their teacher being passionate about what he is doing. Love to language is contagious. When students see how passionate their teacher is and how much he enjoys his subject they join in. In conclusion, I’d like to say that every teacher needs To appreciate the importance of motivation in the classroom. Being able to think of a motivation system for this particular group is crucial and will make good lessons great!