Teach English in Tianshi Zhen - Taizhou Shi

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Course books are common in all classrooms. The advantages of course books include being expected by students, providing a framework for the progression of the class, and the fact that these materials have been tested prior to reaching your hands. The disadvantages are that they do not always fit the specific course needs, predictability, and overly structured classes. Course books are helpful for inexperienced teachers because they eliminate the need for lesson plans started from scratch. This reliability is a comfort. They must be balanced, however, with supplemental materials. Created materials are used to supplement the course book. These include word searches, crosswords, and role-play cards. It is also important to expose students to authentic materials such as television programs or menus. Students will gain confidence by being exposed to materials they will encounter in real life scenarios. A good teacher learns to build lessons off of the book while adding the necessary amounts of outside material. This not only prevents the class from becoming stale but broadens understanding. The more language students are exposed to, the greater their understanding will be.