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Why complete a TEFL course. Mario D Lopez 02/27/2020 Summative task for ESA Teaching course The question posed as the title of this ESSAY is actually a question that I had asked myself in my consideration of ittt as the school to teach me to become an English teacher. Well now, after completing this portion of the ESA course, I can say as the spirit of the title states, Why complete a TEFL course! I did a little research and found out how important it really is to : 1) – Have the ESA training. 2) - Have the TEFL certificate. This was important because I already have family in Nicaragua (a sister in law and nephew) who are teaching English and they don’t have a TEFL certificate or education and much less know of the ESA teaching system. They spent years in the USA but were never entirely fluent with the language. It turns out that the schools they work for it is enough to be able to speak the language with the directors to be hired, But, because they do not have a better understanding and teaching ability, they make less money than someone who is proficient and had a TEFL certificate. So, now after completing this portion of the course I can see how important it would be to have the ESA training in our minds especially on the first day of class. Now I can think back to what I have learned and realize that I have the tools necessary to arrive on a first day of class and begin teaching without the fear of coming across blank faces and confused looks because they don’t understand what is being said. Yet, they may have come with much excitement and apprehension. A friend of mine from Guatemala told me the way he felt when he went to English school. He said, “me sentia como pollo comprador”. Which means He felt like a bought chicken. The uncertainty of what is coming can cause a lot of stress and this course gave me the knowledge to make the class comfortable get them to start thinking in English, giving logical basic study subjects followed by activities that get them more involved in their learning. This course also provided more tools than I even thought about. Many forms, games puzzles, that are fun while learning. That are specific in learning without being boring, However, there are the important subjects that are necessary not only to speak English but they must learn to read and write and in the case of many be able to function in English for their jobs. For that reason alone the TESL course and certificate is so important, It shows that we did not just learn how stand in a class and make the class interesting. We learned how to develop students to their full potential for their present or future careers and if it comes to teaching for a workplace we have the ability to arrive and present proficiency tests and develop learning plans depending on the employees job functions such as Sales, letter writing or presentations. There is so much I could say but I think what I have said is enough. Another reason as mentioned is the TEFL certificate, I have seen the following schools in Nicaragua and they are familiar with this certificate and the ESA training and in some cases require to enroll in such. Below I have provided a list of such schools. In conclusion, ittt has given me the tools by way of its TESL course to succeed The rest is up to me. That’s why its important to complete it. 1) DADA 2) Casa Nica 3) Aprender fundacion 4) American Nicaraguan school 5) Lincoln International academy 6) United nations English program.