Teach English in Xinqiao Zhen - Taizhou Shi

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Many people decide to be teachers but not all of them are comfortable and confident once in the classroom.Two problems can emerge from that; students feel the lack of confidence and loose their trust in the teacher and/or because of the lack of confidence the lesson is less successful and because of that our level of confidence as teacher goes down.But how do we overcome the lack of confidence ? Or how do we boost our confidence ? Here are for me four you can work on in order to get more confident. The first thing is preparation ,a well prepared subject/lesson is first of all easy to follow for the teacher (you know your subject so you are confident you can deliver in the classroom) and it also helps you to overcome possible doubts or panic when you go a bit off track or that you are asked questions during the lesson. The second element is enthusiasm, of course we are all enthusiastic about the idea of being a teacher but we are not all the time showing it in the classroom... First ,if you are enthusiast most of the time your students will be too.A second thing to consider is that a lesson can be necessary for our students' evolution but not really the most interesting subject in the book but if you keep your level of enthusiasm the lesson will be less boring and you will keep your classroom involved ( involved classroom => lesson going well => boost of confidence for the teacher) A third thing is feedback.Usually the teacher is the one giving feedback ,but receiving ( or asking for ) constructive feedback can greatly influence and better our way to teach .Feedback can be received of course from a more experienced teacher but also from an observer ( this person can be a friendly presence also helping to calm you down) or from students . The last point is appearance . Your outfit will be part of the first impression you will make on your students ,if what you are wearing is saying "i am confident" you will appear as so ,which will make the students see you as confident and help you gain their trust .But a "good" outfit is not all ,the clothes you are wearing have to be comfortable ,if you feel constraint by your clothes you will most probably feel uneasy and it will transpire and influence the classroom . Of course it is easy to list different elements and give some brief advice about how to overcome a situation but as all the teachers know ,you can not predict all the time what is going to happen and how hard ( or not ) teaching is going to be . Advice are good but nothing can replace training and experience ,so the best advice is keep in mind what is written before to ease the time you will spend in the classroom and make the first step toward your goal : enter the classroom ,do your best , keep track and learn from what happen.