Teach English in Yaowang Zhen - Taizhou Shi

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As a teacher, nothing can be more important than classroom. No matter how excellent you are or how many amazing ways you know to teach the language, being good at classroom management is necessary for a teacher. Besides, teachers also need to improve their level or learn more effective ways to deal with different situations in classroom management like eye contact, gestures and the voice. First of all, the way you organize the position of the students and the teacher is important. It depends on many facts including space in the classroom, type of chairs and tables and students personal factors. The teacher should be able to get the attention of all students whenever you need. Also, teacher always need to know the best way to group students smartly on your class. Normally, we always let students work in groups or work in pairs, but the fact is that there must be one or two shy students or strong students among them. We have to pay more attention to these kinds of students and arrange them into different groups depend on student’s character and ability even their moods on that day. So that shy students can have more chance to talk, and strong students are also able to help others in need, and gain improvement at the same time. If there are many group activities of, teacher could make students take turns to practice with different partners, it can make students know more friends and feel interested. Secondly, time management is an essential ability for a teacher. We have to make the time under control. The balance between teacher talking time and students talking time depends on the type of lesson and the level of the students. Unnecessary TTT have to be avoided, choose carefully the language for explanations and instructions, try to keep it simple, or you can use some pictures or mime to help. Make sure everyone is listening so you won’t need to repeat or explain again and again. We need to make sure the TTT is not too high so that students can have enough time to practice. The last and most important thing to manage your class is to keep good relationships with students and create relaxed atmosphere. Having good relationships with students can motive them to keep learning and be more interested to contribute and take part in the lessons. On the other side, you will have to maintain discipline on your class, some problems are out of your hands but many disciplinary issues can be prevent by the teacher. Even if you can prevent problems behavior, you must keep calm and try to solve the problem after the class. So the balance between exercising control and encouraging a relaxed atmosphere need to be kept. That is not easy, but get to know all your students about their personal factors and give individual attention could help a lot. If necessary, spend longer with students who cannot do the task or have some problems, but try to include all students equally in any activity. But sometimes we should allow students to remain silent if they do not want to or cannot contribute. There is no best way to manage a class, it is always depends on many different facts in your unique class, and you can find your own style of teaching through practice in the classroom.