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The fact that English is a universal language dates back to the past. It has also been expanded to other countries with the effects of the UK-based Industrial Revolution. Recent research done today; It shows that the number of people whose native language is English and who speak English even though it is not their mother language has exceeded 1.5 billion. CAUSES: • Industrial Revolution, to spread of trade, manufacturing and being in cooperation with other countries • Cultural, technological interaction • Easy language to learn • To accepted as the language of education • Other reasons (Economic, political etc.) Industrial Revolution, to spread of trade, manufacturing and being in cooperation with other countries Western society has always been a model to other continents and It was followed up in terms of progress and development. This was prevailing in every part of life.Like art, science, technology, trade, health, military, human right, religion and language etc. Such continents, regions have always been attractive and and they have always wanted to be discovered.So, people wonder about that country, area or continent as ‘’ How do people live in there? How do peple have living habit in there? ‘’ and then discoveries to these regions are increased.As a result, Intercontinental interaction occurs. And another factor , in the industry Revolution, many inventives like textile, mining were of English origin. In the 1800 years, companies that had been leaders in this field had been expanded to the outworld. After that, developments in England spread to America. In the United States, the spread of English language has also accelerated as other issues such as media, international relations, communications, advertising, international security, and so on have evolved. Another important factor is that in political terms, a common language of communication is required in institutions such as NATO, UNESCO and UN. Authorities must understand each other and minimize the possibility of errors. Cultural, technological interaction With the developing technology, the language used in media, computer, science and research has been effective in spreading English all over the world. Countries, firms have to speak English to easily use the products or applications that they bought. Looking at it in the near future, the development of the internet is also effective. Because it is an easy way to find information, it is accepted in English as a common language. Easy language to learn Learning a foreign language is not as easy as thought. First of all, mother tongue structures must be well known. It also requires effort, time, studying discipline.There are fewer shots in modern English compared to other languages. The order of the language structure, its regularity, the ordering and ease of the components are important factors in learning that language. To accepted as the language of education The acceptance of a language as a language of science and education language is also effective in its prevalence. Since science is objective, it is a fact that humanity, all nations and countries benefit from that science; other nations should be able to receive and use scientific research. If other countries make mistakes when translating scientific research into their own language, the results may not be correct. Therefore, scientific research is conducted in a common language, and since scientists in other countries also know that language, the possibility of errors is eliminated. For this reason, English has been accepted as a common language. When all these reasons are collected and combined,we encounters that English is The Universal Language. Best Regards Hikmet AKGÜN (I chose 18. English as a global language)