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Topic: EFFECTIVE KEYS TO TEACH VOCABULARY FOR YOUNG CHILDREN English is an important language that helps us connect relationships with other countries around the world, with Vietnamese people, English is the second language. To children speak English fluently. In my opinion, we should expose children aged 0 to 6 years to English as soon as possible, because children at this age are the stage of language formation and development, it is easy to receive a new language easily beside their mother tongue. And to improve English communication skills for Vietnamese children, they need to have a rich vocabulary. Here are some methods that I have used in teaching vocabulary to children at this stage. 1. Learn vocabulary through real objects, activities, real actions: This method is suitable for children 0-6 years old, especially 0-3 years old, because now all concepts with children are new, whether English or Vietnamese. Children are also unable to deduce abstract concepts so they really need everything to see, hear, touch, smell, taste and feel with all their senses. For example, if I teach my children about fruits, I will take them out of the fridge and see them play them. I feed my fruit, describe the color and taste of that fruit. I take my child to the market or supermarket, show me the fruits and name them. 2. Learn vocabulary through image flash cards: Picture paintings are lively, especially suitable and attract children from 0 to 6 years old and older children. Flash Cards are an endless, flexible and effective vocabulary resource. It helps your child learn English vocabulary much more effectively without getting bored. It is one of the novel ways to replace traditional vocabulary teaching methods, but we do not teach vocabulary individually, we should have to attach vocabulary to sentence patterns so that children can build their communicate skills as a child. 3. Learn vocabulary through songs This is a great method for any age. "Bathing" language should also use the song because music is easier on the heart and makes it easier for children to memorize words. Children's songs can be found on Youtube from providers such as supersimplesong, chuchuTV, hooplazkidz, dreamenglish ... 4. Learn vocabulary through games This method is usually suitable for children of all ages, even for mom and dad. Through the game, the whole family has just had fun and relaxing moments together. For children 0-6 years old, I want to emphasize movement games in which parents can unleash their creativity to use them to help children remember new words. For example: when I teach letters to a 3-year-old child, I often play " What's missing?", the right handball, hop or run for letters, play hidden and find word cards, and match words and objects. .. In general, you must be very flexible and creative according to your interests and inspiration. 5. Learn vocabulary through reading books and stories This method is often probably used by many people. I just need to note that we choose books that are appropriate for our level so we can understand the story through drawings and contexts. This helps children still enjoy reading and thinking directly in English. English books on the market are now very rich. One sentence per page and then increase to 2-4 lines per page. For older children, you should choose to read classification, divided into levels from low to high for children to read. Normally, I find that for an A5 page, if it's a comic book, there should only be a maximum of 1-3 new words, while for a book with more words, there should be a maximum of 3-5 words vocabulary. 6. Learning vocabulary through software With the current technological age, the use of software will greatly support parents, helping children access the voice of native speakers at home. This is especially important for parents who are not good at English or not confident in English, and save time. Currently, my second child (over 2 years old) uses “Monkey story” to learn. The first baby was primarily taught directly by the mother and used several reading apps. With the story time application, the reading story comes from jump up, when you touch the animation, it is also an interesting conversation. Time story app has many free stories, some of which cost 1-2 USD. Also, I find software like Raz kids very useful for listening and reading. 7. Learn vocabulary through watching Youtube, TV, videos, movies Learning through watching video on YouTube is a great way to learn. If parents want to let their children learn what they want, I believe you can find a YouTube channel to serve that need. If it is to improve English and entertainment, then I think Disney Channel is a very good channel. However, the channel now has Vietnamese subtitles, so the viewers will be more dependent. Around 20h onwards (according to Vietnam time), Disney Channel shows classic movies such as Cinderella, Brave, Alice in the wonderland, Sleeping beauty, Beauty and the beast, Frozen ... with beautiful perspective, actor sound. Standard, clear, very suitable for children to understand. I also often let children watch videos on "Wow english TV", Steve and Magie, Blippi TV, Chuchu TV. I hope that with the methods I share above will help your child learn a lot of useful English vocabulary.