Teach English in ZhouzhuAng Zhen - Taizhou Shi

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Proper classroom management is essential in order to create and maintain an environment conducive to learning. It is also one of the most difficult things that one needs to do as a teacher. Every class is different and hence, one may need to apply different techniques in order to handle each class accordingly. However, there are a set of general rules that one can follow to ensure that things go well in the classroom. Build rapport: The best thing that a teacher can do to manage the class effectively is to establish good rapport with the students. As an ESL teacher, one must be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the students. One should personalize the class activities to match the interest of the learners. It is extremely important that the teacher remains encouraging and positive. The students will engage and share their ideas freely, if they feel that they can trust their teacher. One must always have a pleasant demeanour, maintain eye-contact and smile. Give clear instructions: To run the class smoothly, it is vital that one follows a set of standard procedures for giving instructions. First of all, the teacher must use simple language as using complex language would often result in wastage of time and may cause misunderstanding. Secondly, the teacher should not bombard the students with a whole list of things that they need to do. Instead, the teacher must make use of cue cards or the board to tell them what needs to be done. Finally, one needs to remember that it is always a great idea to demonstrate what needs to be done and ask the students for an explanation to check their understanding. Maintain discipline: It is extremely important to have a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere in the classroom in order to instill confidence and encourage active participation in the learners. At the same time, it is equally essential to ensure that the students are disciplined and follow the rules set out by the teacher in the class. It is important that the teacher sets the expectations with the class and ensures that they follow all the instrucions. The students will be consistent if the teacher remains consistent. One must address any disciplinary issues quickly. Note that it is always better to exert control in the class at the beginning of the term, as controlling the class is much easier at that time. One can gradually release control as the students settle in the class and get used to the established norms. Manage classroom seatings: It is important to change the classroom arrangement in order to facilitate a better interaction among the learners while they work together in pairs or groups. The kind of arrangement one chooses for a lesson depends on the objectives that one wishes to accomplish. For instance, ‘Orderly Rows’ are best suited to a large class of 25 or more students while smaller classes need a far more intimate arrangement such as ‘Circles and Horseshoes’. The teacher’s position should change according to the lesson stage. One must stand while giving instructions and lectures in order to command attention of the whole class. However, one needs to relax and maintain distance during ‘Activate Stage’ activities while being observant at the same time. In conclusion, classroom management is key to successful classes. The teacher may need to implement different strategies for different groups, but once what works is determined, it will be easier to conduct the classes efficiently.